Tuesday, 20 October 2015

October 12 2015 - Week 31

This week has been pretty solid! The Lord has blessed Soeur Tidjine and I by putting people along our paths who are in the process of finding him and accepting His gospel! I love pirae 2 I was first a little scared to get transferred in this area because its in the city and for some reason I felt like it would be a huge change for me, it being my first transfer and all on the mish. I have to say I love my zone and all the missionaries I work with! So i decided to take one of the commitments from general conference to ponderize (ponder and memorize) a scripture every week for the next 20 years of my life. and this scripture I chose is in the Book of Mormon, 1Ne 7;12 and it reads:

 12 Yea, and how is it that ye have forgotten that the Lord is able to do all things according to his will, for the children of men, if it so be that they exercise faith in him? Wherefore, let us be faithful to him.

I know that everything is possible with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I know that sometimes we forget of his power and sometimes we doubt but I know that we need to always have faith in him, and to be faithful to him we need to put our confidence and trust in him to be able to exercise this faith to be able to bring forth miracles. I know that this concept is really hard to live up to, but there snit anything better than having the reward and the blessing and assurance of knowing that he is capable of doing all things and that everything he does is for us

What scriptures are you guys ponderizing this week? I would love to know!

I hope you all have a great week!
love you!

Sister Arielle Bamba
Tahiti Papeete Mission

October 5 2015 - Week 30

What a great weekend its been!

I feel like I have been so spiritually strengthen this weekend. This week in general has been nothing but blessings. So in my new sector Soeur Tidjine and I had only seen blessings! Of course there are have been some rough times but in all the Lord has blessed us so much and has helped us so much in this work. One night when I got home another sister asked me what my day was and I said it was pretty good. Then she asked me if I saw any miracles and I paused for a bit, I didn't realize how great the miracles we actually seen were until I looked back and decided to reflect on how the Lord has helped me today. We cant forget to do that!

Ok so I'm still on a spiritual high from general conference. I always say that October is one of my favorite times of the year because of the fall fashion but I'm making a promise to myself that I will never miss a session of general conference. There isn't anything better than hearing our prophet and the apostles and modern revelators sharing their great love for us and of our Savior Jesus Christ and of our Heavenly Father. It was great to see the new apostles who were called. I am so glad to have church leaders who love, lead and guide us, and for all the sacrifices that they do for us and for the Savior. I truly support, love and know that they are called of God. If you guys have missed out on it, check out LDS.org I promise you that you will be edified and find that the counsel that are given are meant for you. I know that Heavenly Father shows his love to his children through prophets and apostles. I know that they are there to help us find true joy and help us to become the people that Heavenly Father made us capable to be. Listen and you will find! Don't forget to keep studying and pondering on the feelings and the revelation that you received from conference! Now is the tie to apply it!
Have a good week everyone!  

Sister Arielle Bamba
Tahiti Papeete Mission

September 28 2015 - Week 29

This week has been insanely busy! 

Other than being transferred without even knowing its been a great week! Yeah I got transferred and I an no longer in Heiri ! I was a little nervous about that because that would make it my first transfer. I felt so settled in my sector that I didn't want to move but  welcome to the mission life. I was a little upset that I didn't get the time to say bye to people but later on I got a reassurance that I would see all of them again. 

So where am I right now? Im right in the city! My new sector is Pirae 2. Its only been a couple of days here but I am so excited because this sector has so much potential. This transfer is a huge change for me but I know that its really going to help me grow and learn lot of new things. So my new companion is the cutest! Her name is Soeur Tidjine and shes from New Caledonia! She just got here in Tahiti 6 weeks ago which means I have to finish her training. Thats right im training. Its weird I still feel like a baby/greeny/new missionary but you gotta grow up and stop depending on your mom or senior companion someday. Well Soeur Bamba is now Mama Bamba. Also, part of the work that I have to do is do presentations at the visitors sector! I still don't know how I feel about that. Well basically I have to thank President Bize for giving me all these opportunities to learn acquire new and different skills. Seriously though, I am so excited for these things to come. Like this one missionary kept saying, "sometimes you just gotta jump into the fire" it'll burn and it can be scary at first but that's how we learn to do things in life. Have faith in Heavenly Father things will get better, because everything that comes our way is made for us and prepared for us to strengthen us. 

 Ether 12:4-6
4 Wherefore, whoso believeth in God might with surety hope for a better world, yea, even a place at the right hand of God, which hope cometh of faith, maketh an anchor to the souls of men, which would make them sure and steadfast, always abounding in good works, being led to glorify God.

 5 And it came to pass that Ether did prophesy great and marvelous things unto the people, which they did not believe, because they saw them not.

 6 And now, I, Moroni, would speak somewhat concerning these things; I would show unto the world that faith is things which are hoped for and not seen; wherefore, dispute not because ye see not, for ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith.

Sister Arielle Bamba
Tahiti Papeete Mission

September 14 2015 - Week 27

First of all , THANK YOU all for the birthday wishes! It was great to hear from you guys! 20 is a scary number but i finally accepted it! 

Ok So crazy things happen here on the mish. Its stressful, its can get scary, but the spirit that you feel and the experiences that you get is not like any other. 
SO this week I've learnt a couple of things; So before my mission I was always terrified of being too prideful. Its weird but it was like a fear of mine. But being on a mission, you learn a couple of things about yourself. And yes its true, Soeur Bamba is a little prideful in her own way. 
When you're out serving the Lord, your own matters shouldn't be placed first on the list. This includes fear, lack of confidence, worries, personal problems, companionship problems, fatigue, and the list goes on. These things shouldn't get in the way in the service to Lord. Instead, we should be focused on the investigators, their needs, the members, how we can help and strengthen them, how we can serve others, and especially how can I  best serve the Lord. We always should be turning outward and stop thinking about ourselves. Like what my MTC teacher used to tell us all the time "get over yourself". 

Ok so why am i telling you all this, well whether on a mission or not , we can see His greatness and His works in our lives when we rely on Him and turn to Him in all we do. Even when we aren't the most prideful people, there is always something that we are too absorbed in our own lives. There is always something that we can forget, about ourselves and do the will of the Lord. Whether its by service, by showing our love to others, being there for someone, being there for our family, sharing your testimony, no matter what it is there is something that we can always do. 

And when we turn outwards to the Savior, it invites Him in our lives. When we lose focus on the will of Heavenly Father that is when when things get hard.When we are constantly turned to Him, in our hearts, in our homes, through prayer and faith in Him; that is when you find the most miracles, where you can see His hands helping you in your daily lives. Because we need Him, we need His help, love grace and mercy. And when we do that, we can overcome and accomplish amazing things.

So like what I was told basically everyday at the MTC: GET OVER YOURSELF
(in the most loving and nicest way)

Sister Arielle Bamba
Tahiti Papeete Mission

Soeur Afasene and Soeur Keslsey made me a cake!

Its a horrible picture but its all I have of my mini birthday party

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

August 31 2015 - Week 25

Hello Everyone!

I know its been a while since I've emailed you all! Its so nice of you guys to write me once in a while, even if I didn't get a chance to respond! Just know that I still love and appreciate everything that comes from you guys! OK so this week in fact its been a suuuper slow this week here for Heiri. One thing that I've been trying to do is to do OLB's which is ouvrir la bouche in french which translates to opening your mouth and talking to everybody! For me I'm not the type of person to talk to everybody, but one thing that I've learnt is that it really is great to just talk to people. Its funny, so there are a whole bunch of Chinese people here in Tahiti so everybody just thinks that I am Tahitian of some sort....until i start talking. Then they're like wait what you're american? But seriously it's really fun to talk to people here because they're so open to talk about religion and even if they're not interested then they tell us  faaitoito and bon courage which means good luck. Even when I meet people who try to tell us to what to believe in, conversations with them aren't so bad either. Sometimes all you can say is, well it was nice talking to you and sharing what we all believe in and walk away with smiles and love. Its does get discouraging, but when you have the message of the restored gospel kept within your hearts that you are willing to share, you cant help but think wow how marvelous and true this gospel is! 

Oh so apparently master chef here is huge in 
Tahiti and this whole week I keep hearing "master chef" wherever I go. So apparently I look like this person who won Master Chef France. And people keep asking me if I have a sister or a twin over there! Who is this person!? I want to meet her!

Alright Have a good week! 
Sister Arielle Bamba
Tahiti Papeete Mission

Monday, 31 August 2015

August 17 2015 - Week 24

People in Tahiti, you better watch out because Soeur Bamba is coming to town.

Seriously though, so just a week ago I learnt how to drive a standard. Yeah. Lets just say at least the sisters I drive around are patient with me. I have to drive around 3 other companionships around town so I've been getting a lot of practice. Lets just say I'm still learning. Driving here though is quite different back in Canada though. In fact I was stoked to start driving until I got behind the wheel. Its all good its taught me a lot of patience being the chauffeur for everybody and all. 

So I got a new companion this past week her name is Soeur Noho! Shes from here in Tahiti! in fact its kind of funny her home ward uses the same chapel building where we serve. She is awesome though! I'm excited to work with her for the next 6 weeks! Oh yeah that being said I'm still in Heiri! Woo Actually I don't think I would mind staying here until Christmas! Like I've said before the members are amazing and being here for 3 month s now, I've gotten to know the members a lot better which i love! There are so many awesome members and amazing conversion stories which testify how great this gospel is and how strong it touches and changes people's lives. I am so grateful for ever person that I meet here! 

Parapapapaaa I'm loving it!

Speaking of McDonald's, fun fact there's like 3 McDonald's like half an hour radius from me. Fun fact number 2 its only been 3 months here in Tahiti and I've tallied up to eating at McDonald's here for roughly 25 times! Don't worry mom I'm being fed over here :)

Ua here au ia outou!
Sister Arielle Bamba
Tahiti Papeete Mission

Soeur Noho - my campanion! shes tahitian!

These are the lovely sisters that i live with!

August 10 2015 - Week 23


Ok so wow I cant believe it but its officially been 12 weeks since I've been here in Tahiti! my training is officially over and I guess I'm no longer considered as a baby here in the mission because a group of 20 missionaries are coming tonight here in Tahiti going to experience what I experienced for the past 12 weeks! After some thought about my training here I have grown so much. from my language skills to my teaching skills and just interacting with people has changed and gladly improved! All thanks to my moms Soeur Taputea and Soeur Cromar who were patient and taught me so so much! I love them! I'm getting a new companion on Wednesday and i get to stay in  my secteur heiri for a bit longer which I'm so happy about because I love the people here and its so awesome to take the time to get to know the people here better. So last night was the finale of our missionary concert season.

So for the past month or two, every 
Sunday we would hold a concert for investigators and members. its so awesome to let the spirit work through music and hymns. I love singing and looking into the crowd and seeing how people are so touched by the lyrics and the spirit. When you see people crying and tearing up, you feel so accomplished. So our mission President and his wife really like my districts musical numbers that we personally sang for them a couple times after just arriving here in Tahiti so they got us to sing as an opening for every concert!Its amazing remembering how we were singing at the mtc and here we are now in Tahiti still singing together. Its amazing what music can bring.

So a 
handful of missionaries are going back home today and it literally is the coolest thing to talk to them, they are the most amazing the  people ever! So I met this return missionary last night at the concert who just got back home who served in Madagascar and he said it was insanely hard. There they only had 3 lessons each week and that he had to learn 3 languages. He had so much discouragement but he had a motto that he shared with me that I thought was cool. He said that discouragement is the enemy of faith. And its so true. I thought I had it pretty bad but I am so blessed to serve in the best mission ever that I shouldn't be complaining about. But wherever we are, wherever we serve, no matter what the difficulty, in all things, fight off the discouragements. Discouragement is Satan trying to tear you down. Its hard dealing with discouragement but a heart filled with faith is really what brings us miracles.

Sister Arielle BambaTahiti Papeete Mission

 Soeur Morrill a fresh new missionary that i adopted for 2 days before she left to her first area an outer island called huahine!

Saying goodbye to Soeur Smith after living with her for 5 months! She left to a cool outer island called raitea!

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

July 27 2015 - Week 21

Iaorana tatou!

Crazy things happened this week. So I was yelled at by some angry Tahitian man that was getting ready to try to fight us! So background story is his son, Teva who is 19 started taking lessons with us. He saw the difference and the change in his friend Lahaina who recently got baptized. So his dad found a copy of the book of Mormon and freaked. They live in an apartment and apparently the brawl was so bad everybody came out to check up on them and even the dad started yelling at the members who live in that complex. Teva's dad was saying not to take lessons with us, and all about the false things we were saying but Teva just kept saying no dad, I want to change, look at Lahaina, I want this in my life, I know that what the sisters are teaching is true. So then he grabbed a sack of his clothes, his book of Mormon and left his dad that night to stay with his real parents. So know that S Cromar and I were at that neighborhood /complex for practically that whole day doing lessons and left for an hour for another lesson and came back, no joke 5 minutes after it all settled down for another lesson. So a week goes by and we drive by and see Teva and of course we were going to say hi, And as we were talking to Teva, his dad pops up in the middle  of nowhere and comes to the car window on my side and starts yelling in angry Tahitian and then in angry French that I had no idea what was going on, then he starts trying to take his jacket off as he was wanting to start a fight. I was so shocked I really had no idea how to think. one thing that Soeur Cromar and I knew though is that we were protected by the Lord. It wasn't too long until members and the the neighborhood came right up to us to make sure we were safe. It wasn't until then that I realized that the Lord will protect his servants, because even though yes it did startle me, I felt calm that whole time.

Don't worry, were safe, nothing bad happened to us I promise! Although I am praying for Teva! That week, I realized how much people are fighting to have the gospel in their lives. And Teva is wanting these lessons so badly because he knows that through the gospel of Jesus Christ of latter day saints, he can change and find newer and better meaning life, why were really here. We had a lesson with him in our ward mission leader's home and for our closing hymn we sang, "Where can I Search for peace" and from the struggles that he's facing right now, I know that he is in the right path in finding it.

I love the mission!

Sister Arielle Bamba
Tahiti Papeete Mission

Lahaina! aka future Soeur Kohumoetini

July 13 2015 - Week 19


I feel so blessed to be here to see the works and miracles of the Lord! Seriously. So there's this investigator who has been taking lessons since the last year. Her name is Lahaina and is 15 years old and has a crazy smoking addiction as she was first introduced to cigarettes at the age of 10. So the first time the missionaries met her she had quite a bit of things to work on. Also realizing that shes 15, she likes to have fun, joke around and didn't take the lessons seriously for the longest time. So it wasn't until a couple of weeks ago she started progressing like crazy! Her desire to get baptized skyrocketed and her efforts in quitting smoking was undeniable and went from packs a day to 3 cigarettes a day, to 1 a day to 1 every 3 days! She was improving so much, the only thing that was stopping her was asking her parents for permission. So last Sunday she missed her ride to church so she called us and said she couldn't come, but then she came with the decision to ask her parents to drop her off to church. Then just before she got out off the car, her dad made a comment saying that he saw her efforts and the huge change that she has made and basically said that she can get baptized! Then a couple days after  we got to her lesson and found out that she wasn't there because she decided to attend EFY last minute and was there for the week! (We had no idea the efforts of member interrogators is real - I love Church members!) But the thing is that she had the strongest desire to be baptized that upcoming Saturday which her being at EFY and not having her parents written authorization, with them also not knowing that she was making it her goal to be baptized within the next few days was a little bump in the road. But like what I have been saying before, is that the Lord prepares a way for for his work to come forth. Seriously, her baptism was a miracle it happened and it was all thanks to Heavenly Father.

Lahaina's baptism was her best experience ever! all her EFY friends were there, everyone from her neighborhood, and so many members came to support her, all the missionaries that worked with her and her favorites were there as well. Lahaina, only 15 years old was touched by this experience so much I am so proud of her! Its seriously experiences like these to see how the gospel changes the hearts of the people is a reason that I'm grateful to be out here. The power of the atonement is real. Jesus Christ lives. Heavenly Father is out father in heaven, who is all powerful, has us his children in his heart and is always mindful of us and brings forth miracles.    

Sister Arielle Bamba
Tahiti Papeete Mission

Lahaina's Baptism!

Lahaina with my new mom Soeur Cromar

July 6 2015 - Week 18

Bonsoir Everyone!

Ok sorry I missed emails last week it was hectic! Transfers are hectic! But so fun, its like opening your call well not really but just to hear if your getting transferred into a new area and if you get a new companion! So Im stayingin Heiri! WOO! and its sad because I had basically 3 companions who left me! Its all good because my new companion is soooo cute! She is the happiest person ever and I am so excited to continue working with her! Her names Soeur Cromar! Shes from Utah but her mom is Tahitian and shes like related to everyone here and she doesn't even know haha! Heiri is loving her as well! She is just a lovable person!

The couple Wang foo where we received transfers calls during our dinner appointment. Also the wife, her sister is Soeur Hubert from my MTC promotion.

 Ward mission leader Frere Bopp and wife with my old companions Soeur Erekson, Soeur Hampton, and Soeur Taputea.

Faa'a zone. my first zone before transfers.

My new Companion!!

Alright, so a lot has happened in the past 2 weeks! SO many miracles that the lord has provided us! I'll just share one with ya'll. SO you remember Olivier? the guy that Soeur Taputea and I found a few weeks ago? Well, he just scheduled an appointment to talk with the bishop to get his temple recommend! So here is what you've missed:

 So not long after teaching him we invited him for baptism and fixed a date and he accepted for the 27th of June and he was doing to great and was ready and everything but he called the day before and said that he would want move the baptism date to the 25th of July! Like no way that's a month a lot of things could happen in a month but of course you have to respect decisions like that. So we continued on with just that other baptism we had scheduled with Oliviers. So this other guys name was Stellio who has some complications with his wife being against him being baptized. She actually came out of the house one time yelling at us in angry Tahitian. So I've been having this weird feeling about Stellio all day, and then 10 min before his baptism we get a call saying he left to Moorea that morning the day of his baptism! We were devastated and had no idea what to do! We had no idea what was going on and I remember just feeling so upset and let down but Soeur Taputea was like, "nope there's going to be a baptism tonight" so we get to the chapel and everybody there waiting and Stellio still wasn't there!  So Soeur Taputea and Soeur Erekson being amazing and all,  following the spirit, knew that things were going to be ok and it took me a while to realize that. We had no idea what to do, so we walked into a classroom and just knelt down in prayer for guidance and to bless Stellio that he is safe and for Olivier because we knew he was prepared for baptism and to help us know if it was the will of the Lord for us to have a baptism that night. So the answer to our prayer was pretty clear because guess who was the first person we ran into out of the classroom....Olivier! We asked him to come talk to us and got back into the classroom and discussed with him our experience that had just happened not too long ago and asked him if he was willing and will do what the Lord wanted him to do. He said a very sincere yes. Then we invited him to pray with us right then to see if it was the will of the Lord to have him baptized that night. Well I guess you can guess what happened from there. 30 minutes later I saw Olivier enter the baptismal font and enter a covenant with Heavenly Father.  I  feel so blessed to experience something like this and I learnt so much!

1. Prayers are always answered! 
2. Always follow the spirit! If you follow the spirit and seek for its guidance the lord will bless you so much for it
3. When things turn out unexpectedly, dont look back because I did and almost didnt realize #4
4. The Lord has a plan for his work. if you are prepared to recieve miracles he will give them your way. 
5. Prepare yourselves and look for miracles, dont wait for them to happen.
I have the best companions ever who teach me so much! So blessed!

I love you all

Sister Arielle Bamba
Tahiti Papeete Mission

Olivier! Nuff said.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

June 22 2015 - Week 16

Iaorana! Eaha to oe huru?

I'm doing great! Thanks for wondering! This week has been an amazing week and I have been so blessed! Guess what so I got a call from the assistants of the mission president and transfers are coming up next Monday! No I didn't get a call to know who's getting transferred but the AP's (the assistants) wanted be to learn how to drive stick so I could start driving woooo....no not really because Soeur Erekson is the driver and that means she might leave and I love her so much, and I literally thought she was going to be my mom\trainer for the next transfer! I love my companion to death but she wants to leave haha poor thing has been serving in our sector for 7 months! But yes I hope I do get to drive because I've always wanted to learn how to drive manual but the thing is that we have faatamaaraa'a (dinner appointments) EVERY NIGHT and they feed us so much! I've already gained weight and its only been a month! That's the downside of having a car. 

Alors, so much has happened this week! We went to the temple, then on Friday there was this HUGE activity, sooo many people were there! It was between the stakes of Faaa and Punaauia and and it was something like wipe out/the Disney channel games/ and those Asian game shows! And us missionaries were allowed to participate! My favorite part was when in the stands someone would dance and the whole crowd would follow him and it was just this huge party! I was so excited to be able to dance as a missionary! Don't think it would happen much after that occasion! Haha I might have gotten too carried away! Our mission President is great though even President Bize, our mission president joined in on an activity!

Also us missionaries have been practicing for the past couple month for this concert and our first one was last night held at my chapel and so ALL the missionaries who serve in the island of Tahiti and more participated in this concert and we invited all our investigators and members and the turnout was sooo awesome! It filled the whole chapel and the multi cultural hall there had to be over 500 people there and it was packed! Apparently they're huge missionary concerts. So fun! So my MTC district finally got to sing for Sister Bize the nission présidents wife after the concert! She came over and wanted to hear it! the thing was that we haven't sung it in over a month but we just did it then and there and it still was fresh! It brought back so many good memories and feeling from the MTC! LOOOVE my MTC district soo much!
Other than that still working hard here in Heiri! I have been Learning to looooove my ward sooo so much! I feel like I'm getting to know the members, there are just so many great people here that I just look up to, so many members come to our lessons, I love working with them, I have the best bishop ever and my ward mission leader is the bomb! Fingers crossed I don't get transferred!

Oh and shout out to my dad! I love you so much! Ua here au ia oe! Je t'aime!

Sister Arielle Bamba
Tahiti Papeete Mission

 Our Dance Party!

My team flag. And me, the mascot the chinois (Chinese in french)

June 15 2015 - Week 15

Bonjour toutes mes amis!

Wow the weeks here literally pass by! I cant believe that I've been here for around a month now, like what! So I've got to see my MTC district a lot because of this choir practice every pday that we have and its so fun because all the missionaries in the Island of Tahiti come! So apparently I've gotten so much darker this past month and according to them I'm not yellow anymore! Although they still call me chinois and people ask me if I'm chinois all the time here so I guess I'm not as brown looking as I thought. I also had my first mission conference and it was great hearing President Bize and his wife and get to know how they're like a bit more. To be honest though the only french accent that I can understand is Soeur Hubert from France who was in my district in the MTC so I could not understand anything what the Bizes were saying. President Sinjoux though spoke as well, he was the Mission President before Pres Bize and I could understand his talk which makes me so happy! Its been so long since I've listened to a talk and actually wrote down notes! Elder Nielson from the 70 came and spoke to us as well. So to be honest work in Heiri has been slow! But that's OK! Because last week we met this guy named Olivier as we were looking for another  investigator and we started taking to this Olivier guy and he was just so receptive and was very interested so we happened to invite him to church the day after. So in fact Soeur Taputea didn't even end up going to our ward so we weren't there to see if he came and didn't think he'd come so we just forgot about it. (tip, never do that!) So we had a lesson planned with him just last Saturday and we taught him the first lesson and then we found out that he came to Church the Sunday before and that he just sat outside because he had no idea what he was supposed to do so he left after an hour! ahhhh! haha but he came to church yesterday and it was great because he had members to welcome him and he said that he enjoyed it! That night we were going to the visitors center/temple to tour and teach a less active family about the plan of salvation and they happened to know Olivier as well so we invited him just last minute! well that family couldn't go last minute and we were devastated but our ward mission leader saved us and gave us a ride and brought Olivier and also another investigator who happened to be with us! Olivier had a lot of information laid on him that day but he had so many questions that were answered and I know that he is so ready for the gospel that Heavenly Father is providing us so many opportunities to do all we can to get Olivier receive eternal happiness!


Sister Arielle Bamba
Tahiti Papeete Mission

Random Pictures!

 This is Eric. We find Eric and his friends all over the house.

June 8 2015 - Week 14

Bonjour mes amis!

So this week has been a crazy week! So there are 6 sister that live in my house -  there's me and my companion Seour Taputeam then Soeur Erekson and Soeur Hampton who also serve in Heiri, then theres Soeur Marrett and Soeur Smith (yes the one I was with at the MTC!) and those two serve in Tipaerui. In fact we live in Tipaerui which is basically just at the border of Papeete and we have a car to go to Heiri. So Soeur Marrett got the Dingue Fever so she was bed ridden with a high fever this whole week! That meant we had to do splits and Soeur Smith and I (2 newbies) got to teach together! Wooo! Just kidding well I had my companion with us so it wasn't too bad of a tragedy but It was so fun! SO I got to proselyte around Tipaerui for a day or two, even went to church there! The rest of the week was pretty much like that! Going back and forth! So that hike I told you about last week was legit! So we never got to a view In fact it led to a waterfall that we never got to, haha but I felt like we were in Jurassic park it was so cool! We got cross over this river like 3 dozen times that got to our knees, one elder even brought a machete(is that even allowed) but it was a cool jungle expedition. So as for our sector and our amis, I feel like I'm getting to know them a bit better and that I can joke around with some of them! Still not sure whats going on for the most part! But this week I've been focusing on my inadequacies that I was failing to rely on the spirit when I teach. I had a lack of faith in myself and in the lord and in the Spirit, and once I started zorking with opening my mouth words just spat out. And it was just a reminder that I really can't do this without the Lords help. It's the spirit who does the converting so its our job to bring that in the lives of the amis, and I have to let that power work within myself of course so I can share it with others! 

Je vous aime!

Sister Arielle Bamba

Tahiti Papeete Mission

June 1 2015 - Week 13

Ia ora na!

I hope all is well! So this week was a great week! It definitely didn't feel like I was grinking out of a gushing fire hydrant as I did last week! In fact I find that my french comprehension skills is getting a lot better! Wooo! I still don't contribute too much in lessons yet but its coming slowly! Yesterday I had a conversation with a lady at church for like 20 min (in french obviously) and that's the longest I've gotten without making an awkward face trying to walk away because I couldn't understand anything! Wooo improvement! So this week was a quite less demanding than last week. For lessons at least. Since we have four sisters in Heiri we finally had the 2 sectors split up into 2 so there's usually less lessons during the day but there are still so many people that we could go visit and see and contact! Its funny there was one day that all the people that we teach would literally pop out in the middle of nowhere, Like there there was this one time we bumped into a recent convert and as we were talking an ami happens to walk up. And apparently he never shows up for lessons so what better time that to trap him there at the moment to share a message with him. We also had an that recent convert which which was perfect (what are the odds) and he even got to share his conversion story!  I kid you notm this literally happend two nore times that day! What a coincidence (but we all really know it really was ;) its like Heavenly Father was like "here are my children, bring them back to me". Other than those cool experiences,  Also we've spent half of our days in meetings, service and we brought amis (investigators) to the visitors center to do tours! Later a whole bunch of us missionaries are going for a hike! I am so stoked! Because Tahiti is practically a an island with this huge mountain in the middle so I'm excited to see the view afterwards. I might die just in the process of getting there but you know, life's a climb, you just have to endure and look at the blessings it will bring afterwards.

Sister Arielle Bamba
Tahiti Papeete Mission

A little glimpse of how beautiful Tahiti is.

Sunday, 31 May 2015

May 25 2015 - Week 12

Bonjour toute le monde!!

I can't believe it but I'm in Tahiti!! I love being here! It was only the other night that I realized that I was going to live here for the next 15 months! In fact to be honest on my first day I was like, what am I doing here? But then the next day my perspective flipped over and I felt like Tahiti was my home and that I  was looking for the next months to come! So I have to tell you about my companion! In fact she's from here in Tahiti! Bora Bora to be exact! I am so glad to have her as my companion because eventually I would be able to understand her and the rest of the Tahitians. Which brings me to the point THAT I CANT UNDERSTAND ANYTHING. In the MTC I was pretty confident with my French, then I got here and started teaching lessons to Tahitians. Luckily, this week, I have been teaching in a companionship of four so then there's less pressure for me, but then starting tomorrow, it's just my companion and I. I'm assigned in the Heiri area and there's just so many lessons that we have to split up. In fact all that we've done here are lessons. We never have time to do contacting or anything like that. We had 25 lessons this week. Heiri is going strong. If there is anything I've learnt' its that the Lord really has prepared his people here to accept His gospel! and I am soooo stoked to take part in this work because there are so many people that need the gospel in their lives and so many people here in Tahiti are willing to learn! I have so many cool stories to tell but so little time! Next week for sure! But I would just like to tell ya'll that I made it! Finally! I'm safe, in fact I'm in paradise so I can't complain too much!


Sister Arielle Bamba
Tahiti Papeete Mission

Wish I can say this is the view from my house back home. 

May 18 2015 - Week 11

Pictures from the last week in the MTC !!!

Friday, 15 May 2015

May 12 2015 - Week 10

Ia ora na!

So this must be email number 11 for me! AAAAhhhhh I can't believe I leave the MTC this week! SO my district and I were freaking out as we walked into the mailroom to go grab our travel plans. So all our cameras were set out and ready to roll. So I got it all on video, such a happy moment, one that we were definitely waiting for! So I leave the MTC at 6am on Monday in the morning and we land at Tahiti in around 11pm so its going to be long day of travelling! I'm so happy my whole district got stuck on the same flight! I honestly don't know how its going to go down when I have to say bye to them!

So this week was a great week! Since its our last week here at the MTC, I wanted to reflect on the 11 weeks that I've been here....and its been great! Honestly such a huge blessing! I cherish the time here so much and I would not trade any of it to be in the warm beaches of Tahiti. 

So I got to experience one of the best things here at the MTC. So every week, the missionaries here go teach TRC where we teach members of the church who volunteer to come in to have a lesson taught in your mission language. They either come in person or do it over Skype So after Soeur Stosich and I taught our lesson to a Sister who just returned home from her mission from Tahiti, another companionship from my group was just finishing up their lesson over Skype and their member they were Skyping was from Tahiti! and as decided to listen because the member had the cutest son ever! He had to be one years of age, but as those missionaries finished off their lesson, the lady started balling and started bearing her testimony. So apparently she has been praying to have more patience in her life and these missionaries just answered her prayers by sharing a message on patience! SO as she was crying her one year old son was wiping her tears with her pajama pants! way cute! And to top it all off he then grabs a Mormon pass along card with Jesus Christ on it and then he uses that to wipe off her tears! It was the cutest thing ever! Even at the age of 1 he knew that Our Saviour Jesus Christ can take away our pains and heal our hearts. He definitely reminded me of that for sure! 

So you guys know about the Tahitian Troubles err I mean Tahitian Trebles...(You guys wont be surprised how suiting the first option is if you meet my district, plus we're practically a group of sisters) Anyways lately being well known from the MTC Presidency and their wives, they keep having us to do musical numbers! So literally in the mail we get an envelope saying "thanks for being willing to sing for us" even when we had no idea it was coming haha. At first we would joke about it, but then they were actually being serious, then they just got carried away. Haha no we love it. So last Sunday we sang for the devotional in front of the whole MTC!!! To almost 1000 people! I was terrified! President Bertasso ( the MTC 1st counselor) actually wants us to sing for our last devotional next Sunday in the middle of his talk! So we're excited for that! In fact he was going to go through a dry run for his talk later this week for our district so we get a feel for the song! ITs not the first time he came in to our class. One time he gave a lesson on deep doctrine and for the 2 hours he taught us, I learnt more than I ever have in my life(our district made a deal with him and he lost on his part of the bet so that's how he paid back-so worth it).

I Honestly don't know how I feel about leaving out to the field! Mixed emotions but I'm trying not to think about it too much to be honest. I've been hearing it lately that the last week here is the hardest you want to work. And to be honest I have been feeling "trunky" on my last week and I haven't even left for Tahiti yet! My branch President is awesome and he said to be careful that we don't leave the MTC thinking "I wished I did that", or "I wish I worked harder to...". And honestly I have been terrified that I will feel that way! So what my teacher taught us is that we should look at things is to look past the point where you're aiming for. For example, when you run a race and just when you could see the finish line, the last thing you want to do is to look at that line. What you want to do is to focus on that tree about a couple hundred meters away, that way you don't slow down to the finish line, you want to sprint all the way through, sprint the hardest you ever had in fact. Finish strong my friends. 

So I better leave and start packing! Ahhhh! But to to give you all an idea of how long i've been here at the MTC, a fellow sister in my district came up with rough, but somewhat accurate statistics:
Days Spent in the MTC - 70 days, and only 6 more to go
Hours Spent in a classroom - 605 hours
Lessons taught - 108 lessons taught (86 in French, 22 in Tahitian)
Number of Investigators I have taught - 10 
Number of people I have seen enter the MTC - 2756
Number of people I have seen leave the MTC - 3218
Number of Devotionals I have attended - 26 {1 Apostle (Elder Cook), 19 "Seventies"}

Next time I email you I'll be in Tahiti!!!


Sister Arielle Bamba
Tahiti Papeete Mission

 The Picture we took with the MTC presidency before we sang!
Getting travel plans! With Sis Driggs and Sis Winter who are going to the West Indies French speaking!

Me calling my family on mothers day!

Friday, 8 May 2015

May 5 2015 - Week 9

Ia ora na ia outou I teie mahana nehenehe!

So I heard that Google translate doesn't translate Tahitian...lame. It means hello to you this beautiful day! SO I'm in a really good mood right now! So many miracles, such a great day so far! 

Well what makes my Pday so great is that I have the opportunity to the temple! I love it so much! The Provo temple is so huge I love being in there! It's beautiful, I learn so much, its amazing. Then of course you can't leave the temple without going through the cafeteria. After eating the same rotation of food for 10 weeks, you want to have temple food. And its so worth it! I can most definitely say  that all the missionaries in the MTC agrees with me. Cool things happen in the temple cafeteria, this one time I met a temple worker who was grabbing lunch who my district started talking to and we found out He was from Cape Verde! I love Cape Verde! I went over there last summer and it was one of the best experiences ever! I actually met this one sister heading over there and when I found out I practically yelped, well it was more like a squeak. I was excited OK. But yeah I was  soooo stoked for her. 

So today after the temple, just as we were about to leave we found out our Teacher was in for a session so we waited around, hoping that we'd see her. eventually we decided that she probably left so we walked back to the MTC. Then as we were walking through the gate, we ended up talking to this girl who seemed our age who was applying for a job at the MTC and as we were walking and talking, she asked if we could help her get through the MTC. And of course, as Mormon missionaries, we were going to help her.  As we dropped her off to the lady in charge, that employer asked us if we could help her, and of course as missionaries we said yes. So apparently, this lady was in charge of real investigators and having missionaries teach them and apparently she was short of missionaries. She asked us if we could stay and give a 20 min message, but thought that the 5 of us sisters would be too overwhelming so basically the other sisters volunteered my companion and I to go do it. TO be honest, I was kind of worried, because obviously my companion and I weren't prepared, It was our Pday and all was just planning to take a nap after getting back from the temple. Also I didn't even have my scriptures on me. SO I didn't know what to expect. I knew that it was going to be interesting though. So my companion and I walked into the room where the investigator was and there was this nice girl, who seemed college aged sitting on the couch. The lady in charge didn't give us much instruction, just that we had 20 minutes and that she'll let us know when to wrap things up then she closed the door then left. Soeur Stosich and I introduced ourselves and got to know the investigator. Her name is Shannon, she's 23. She seemed super sweet and as we got to know her, we found out she's lived in Utah her whole life, and she's seen missionaries walk up and down her street numerous times, she's aware of Mormons and she's definitely seen them knock on her front door as her mom slams the door on their faces. She doesn't know much about the church So as we were talking and got to know her we gave her messages that we felt prompted to share based on her needs. Finding out that she has a 3 year old daughter who she loves so so much, we talked about the miracles and the blessing heavenly father blesses us with, we talked about how the gospel can bless families, we talked about prayer and how we can communicate with him and shared experiences that we all had, we talked about the holy ghost, and how we can recognize it in our lives. Shannon also asked about the Book of Mormon and she felt content and felt she understood the purpose of it more. We were then warned about the time as the lady  in charge popped her head into the room. I then asked Shannon why she wanted to know more about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and she basically described her needs, concerns and everything that she mentioned I know that the church and this gospel can offer her. I bore my testimony and told her basically everything she wanted to hear and how this gospel and the church can bless her life and her daughters. At the end I couldn't help but just off the couch and give her a hug. After Sister Stosich and I walked out of that lesson, we had the biggest smiles on our faces. I was so happy, Shannon, is amazing and I feel like I could relate to her so much. She needed to know that Heavenly Father was there for her and that there is a purpose in life and a purpose in all the things that we face. Its amazing to see how at the end of the lesson, you can see this look on her face, a new face of hope, understanding and a greater face of faith. Those 20 minutes talking to Shannon was probably my most favourite MTC experience so far because of the light that I could tell that was growing within her, that light of Christ , she was starting to recognize and that she was willing to find more about and that she realized that it was something that she wanted in her life. Ahh it was soooo good! I still can't stop smiling about it! I want to stop by and ask the lady in charge and ask when Shannon comes back! 

So the reason I'm so happy is that this is my first lesson as a missionary with a real investigator! Who knew it would happen in the MTC! and the fact that I had this opportunity and how I was lead perfectly into it is another testament to me that all things happen for a reason. And that as we are willing to serve the Lord, even by little acts of kindness, you can be an instrument to the Lords work. So whenever you have the opportunity to serve somebody, grab the chance if you can. I know that you can work through the guidance of the Lord and help him answer the prayers of other people. In fact we should be asking and looking for ways to serve. I know that great things happen after that, and that it will give you great joy. So this week, look for opportunities to serve, and always be willing to do so.  

So today is Cinco de Mayo and to celebrate, WE HAD CAFE RIO! and it was the first cafĂ© rio I've ever had and after hearing soo  much about it , I couldn't wait! So Canada doesn't have a variety of Mexican joints. I had the sweet pork burrito and it was still warm! Wait, sister Bamba, you're in the MTC how did you manage to get fresh CAFE RIO? Well My district happens to be the best district and we happen to talk to the right people. We're already best friends with the MTC Presidency, and we happened to make a little deal with the MTC cafeteria manager. So that's whats up for today. Its probably been one of my most favourite days.

Sister Arielle Bamba
Tahiti Papeete Mission

 This week, alot of things actually happened, a new french district came in! Theyre way cool!  Here they are!
Here's the Cafe Rio....
and here's another picture of the best district ever....