Tuesday, 31 March 2015

March 31 2015 - Week 4


That's Tahitian for hello! We're still learning French, but I honestly cant wait to learn Tahitian! I know its going to be hard because its such a different language compared to French but just singing Tahitian sounds so beautiful. Anyways our teachers are way cool! We have sister Johnson who served her mission in Tahiti as well as sister Cook! They're way cool! They're teaching us French right now but they teach us the occasional Tahitian words here and there. We sing in Tahitian all the time and its absolutely sounds beautiful. According to them its the most beautiful Polynesian language but that could be biased. Anyways Soeur Johnson loves the Tahitian language and was the best sister to speak it while she was on her mission. She's so good that she translates/interprets for general conference/meetings so she's going to be busy this weekend in fact she already worked on women's conference that happened last weekend. That's how good she is. When she says the prayer, she always says it in Tahitian and she speaks sooo fast its hilarious. Yeah we have the best teachers :3 They tell us the coolest stories that happen in Tahiti. Its great.

Its crazy to think that I've been here for 4 weeks. Like if I were to learn just French I'll be leaving to go to the field in two weeks and I'd be terrified! Seriously though, I feel blessed to prepare for 11 weeks. Its funny cause when other people here at the MTC ask where I'm heading off in the MTC and how long I have to stay, other missionaries give me the 'oh snap I feel so bad for you face' then they say how they've been in the MTC less than I have and they already feel so sick of it and that they cant wait to get out. Its funny I know some people who refer this place as spiritual prison since we're literally gated in. Then Tahiti is referred to as spirit paradise :p its a really bad analogy I know but for me at least its not that bad here I'm not sick of it. not yet at least.

This week literally zoomed right by, I wish my email could be a lot more interesting but I don't even remember what happened in the past week lol. One of my fave part of the day, other than gym time, is personal study. It really is great to literally just sit and feast upon the words of Christ. My zone found this cute spot to study here at the MTC. Since its been so nice sunny and warm here (That's right Vancouver) We try to study outdoors as often as we can. Seriously though, my classroom feels like it keeps getting smaller and smaller we practically live in there. 10hrs sitting in the same small classroom everyday can make you crazy. But yes its spring that means the cherry blossom trees are out blossoming and one of my favourite things to do is to grab my scriptures and just sit and read under them. Lately I've been studying over what I feel my ami de l'eglise (investigators) need. I've learnt lately that since I'm out here putting my time off to the Lord's I need to ​​turn outward and think of the people who I serve and get in the habit of always doing what i can to help them come closer to Christ.

I've been appreciating the book of Mormon way more here on my mission. I love it. I wish became even more familiar with the Book of Mormon before I left! So I've been inviting my ami de l'eglise to come watch general conference so I exhort you all to come listen to the words and the loving guidance of our prophet. I seriously cant wait for it! For my friends who aren't members of the church, twice a year our church leaders come to speak to the world with messages that can strengthen our families, and our relationship with God. You should go check it out, its happening this weekend! You can check out the live broadcast at lds.org. I love this time of the year, I heard this cool analogy about spring and i never thought about it that way! So during spring, flowers bloom and its a sign of rebirth. Its also the time of when the Saviour was resurrected and because of Him, we can be renewed and cleansed from His atonement. I thought that was cool. Spring is now my fave season!

Well I should head out, my companions been so patient with me :3 haha
Have a fantastic general conference weekend!

Sister Arielle Bamba
Tahiti Papeete Mission

Tahiti Papeete Mission

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