Tuesday, 24 March 2015

March 17 2015 - Week 2

      This week was crazy but highlights were definitely singing in the choir for devotional then having Elder Cook an apostle to come speak to us! I loved his talk! One of the things he said was to open your mouth when you feel the promptings of the holy ghost and I've actually received a lot of revelation to do so cause being quite shy times I don't always speak what's on my mind. I have so much trust in the Lord, but its just trusting him so that even though I don't know what to say, when you feel prompted to say something just say it and he will bring things to your mind the things you need to say!

The rest of our zone left yesterday to France! it was so sad! We literally only knew them for 12 days but we got so close to them, lets just say there were lots of tears! For our last night with them, a Sister from our zone that was leaving to Leone sang a rendition of Saviour Redeemer of My Soul and it was absolutely beautiful. She sang it for Relief Society for all the sisters in the MTC, I love that girl so much! She was Our Sister Training Leader <3 So she sang that song so then our whole zone and the other French zone could hear her sing. After My district sang a rendition of Joseph Smiths First Prayer in the tune of Come Thou Fount in a 4 part harmony as a goodbye gift for all the missionaries leaving to France that morning after which was yesterday. First verse we sang in Tahitian, then second in French, then the last 2 in English. Working on this song was so great for my district as we became even more unified (and trust me, my district is probably as close as it gets). Ahhh I love them all! So as for there's only 1 district for each 2 French zone at the moment. There's a district in the other zone of 3 missionaries going to Montreal and our district in the other French zone going to Tahiti! 

We have a bunch of elders coming in tomorrow! Which I'm sooo so sad about because there we don't have any more sisters coming for a while! I'm sad because my companion and I just got called as sister training leaders for our zone which is awesome I was so excited and couldn't wait to act like a mama (that's what I called my sister training leader) to new sisters. But its okay! Hey did you know sister training leaders and zone leaders in the MTC get to carry a phone? I didn't know that! Can't really do anything with them though, they're ancient.

As for the French its coming along! yesterday, our teacher said that we weren't allowed to bring any sort of notes except for a grammar sheet to bring into our lessons D: Which I never really liked reading off a script to teach but still its not like I'm fluent in French or anything! Oh well. Oh funny story, so the first investigator we had to teach, after giving him 5 lessons, he showed up to class in a suit in tie one morning and found out that he was going to be one of our teachers. Haha. not really. He's really transparent about giving  back feedback to us as he wants us as companions to talk over our lesson to improve on it. But he's an awesome teacher! He's from Tahiti and speaks English, French, Tahitian, and Spanish! Anyways he's only taught us for the past 3 study sessions and they've all been awesome because he takes us outside as part of his lesson. So on the first day he brought us outside and told us to bring out Book of Mormons and he basically pointed out an object (ex. bench, brick, dirt, roof, etc.) and he'd get us to look up a scripture that related to the object in the book of Mormon. The next day he got us to share our fave scripture to random people outside then yesterday he got us to bear our testimony to more random people - but all in French of course! He wouldn't even give us a warning he's just tell us literally minutes before but its such an awesome experience! I love the MTC so much! I seriously do! I don't know how I'll feel about it though after 12 weeks but as for now I'm enjoying every minute of it so far!
Soeur Bamba
Tahiti Papeete Mission

The relationship triangle. As missionaries, we try to focus on strengthening on the relationship between Heavenly father and the investigator.
 My zone! The other two districts left to France yesterday! Miss them already!

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