Sunday, 26 April 2015

April 21 2015 - Week 7

Ia ora na! Hey guys!

Well it snowed this week here in Utah which was magical! Then there was this one day when it was super windy that because of the dry dirt landscape here there was basically a sandstorm.  Other than that, this week was fast, it literally zoomed right by. So remember how i said last Monday we started to learn Tahitian well the day after was my preparation day so the day after (Wednesday) was technically my second day of Tahitian. Well I had TRC which is when missionaries in the MTC basically teach members in the mission language and guess who had to teach in Tahitian on their second day of knowing the language? Yeah well that was interesting. Funny story, we were assigned to go into this one room where our investigator was waiting but then another pair of missionaries took that room so then Soeur Stosich and I were left with this last one but just before we walked in we said a quick prayer. And Just after I said "Ia ora na!" he said "Buenos Dias" then my face turned red, said "sorry never mind!" and rushed out of the room as fast as i could thinking wow that was awkward. But then the investigator rushes back out of the room and says "desolee les soeurs" (sorry sisters). I was so mad at him but i was way too confused. So basically that was the only french he spoke from that time on. And the rest was Tahitian. Its been a tough week and I've been tough week when it come to our lessons. I let the language become a barrier but its just so hard. This week should be better though. Oh also as of yesterday our district started doing something different; so since we're at the MTC for so long, my teachers thought it would be cool to start teaching each other. So how its going to work is that we teach in companionship's in french to other missionaries in our district. That way we understand how its like to think as an investigator and get a better idea of how they feel and get a better idea of their needs basically. So yesterday my companion and i taught elder Reese and i honestly never had a lesson so far they went so smoothly. I felt really good with that lesson. Elder Reese played as his best friend whose parents are somewhat catholic but hes pretty much an atheist. I feel like at this point I feel ready to go into the field with my speaking ability in french which is great, then there's Tahitian....Well that's it, its a short one this week.

Au revoir

Sister Arielle Bamba
Tahiti Papeete Mission

 Here's where I've been hibernating in the past 7 weeks. This is the definition of studying hard. Diligence guys.

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