Sunday, 26 April 2015

April 7 2015 - Week 5


Seriously though don't you guys just love that daffodils and tulips are blooming! Here at the MTC there's great landscaping I love love love looking at the array of flowers as I walk around and skip and twirl and sing my fave songs its my fave thing to do around here.

So I had an amazing weekend what about you guys? It was Easter and general conference! I honestly wasn't excited to sit on the uncomfortable seats here for 8 hours in the cold gym this weekend. But that was the last thing on my mind. It really is a great opportunity to sit and listen to the words of our prophet, apostles and leaders of the church. I felt like I learnt soo so much! for one I love learning more about our Savior Jesus Christ and about his atonement. Someone from our branch president here told us that it is a gift to truly understand the atonement because it really is truly incomprehensible so it really was an awesome opportunity to hear the stories and the analogies and the testimonies that we heard to better understand it. And it was a great reminder to remember the true meaning of Easter! The Americans here really take Easter seriously and by that i mean every single missionary her got an Easter package full of Easter candy and fun stuff except for me. Hahaha. But Easter is all about the savior! Forget the bunny. JK I love Cadbury mini eggs if ya'll could send me those that would be awesome :P

Sunday had to be my favorite day though, general conference definitely hit it but what topped the cake was the surprise the MTC had for us missionaries for devotional. so there's this accapella group from BYU called vocal point and they held a little concert for us! SO I don't know if you've heard of them because i had no idea who they were before, but they're really popular in the Mormon community. then they were also in a show that competed against Pentatonix (famous accapella youtubers) and lost second place to them. So yeah they're really good and sort of well known to some other people. You should look them up or youtube them they sound really good! There are about 9 of them guys and they're all return missionaries attending BYU here in Provo and what was really cool was that they shared  their missionary experiences in between their songs which did apply to us so that was really cool. At first I was curious because it was Sunday so i thought it was weird to listen to a concert type thing and but they did sing hymns which were on point and they had some fun Christmas tunes and fun Broadway type songs no pop of course. They did a really quick meet and greet and my district went up last, so at this point the all the missionaries had left the gym and it was just us with the MTC presidency and vocal point and their gang. anyways Elder Reese, the elder in my district had really really close family friends with people who are also friends with vocal point and came to watch them at the MTC. and we were talking to his family friends and talked about the the song we arranged as a district that we're performing tomorrow. (Oh on a side note that my district in singing for all the new missionaries who comes in tomorrow! So exciting we auditioned last Thursday and we made the judges tear up!) but anyways we ended up singing to elder Reese's family friends and we even got the MTC presidency to sit in to watch and listen because they love us. They've heard us perform the song already and wanted to hear us sing it again. SO basically all this happened and vocal point was still in the gym as we were singing our little accapella thing. We were all terrified but it felt so good! Apparently they were just standing there watching us sing and while we were i could just hear how quiet everyone went when we were singing. But yeah twas a cool experience singing for the MTC presidency and having vocal point listen to us as well.

This week has been amazing though, I've learnt so much about my self that I never admitted to but I was talking to other girls in my district and its weird to let it all out and finally know that I'm not the only one and that I'm not alone, we're like sisters its awesome. I miss my sisters at home so its great to have awesome ones out here on the mish as well.

Oh and generally conference again! Did you guys write down questions and watch general conference then all of a sudden you get slapped in the face because your question had just been answered to so simply and you just feel great because you know that the lord loves you and that he listens to you then you feel wow this is real, prophets really do get revelation from god. Its so great my fave sessions would probably have been Saturday night and Sunday morning but honestly they're all so good! In case you missed it its already up at I was listening to elder Hollands talk on it yesterday during personal study and i still get the chills! What the heck just go check out the talks because they help so much I know there is something in there for everyone! Its great watching it as a missionary because all I could thing of when i was watching it were other people the talks could apply to. Whether it be family, friends especially my investigators! Its really cool to watch it now with a new perspective. 

What else....Oh theres this new sister missionary who came into our district! Her name is Soeur Houbert shes from France! I was so so excited when I found out because my companion and I weren't given any notice if we were getting a new sister or not so it was a fun surprise! She speaks awesome English and I love trying to speak french with her because shes so patient and is so willing to teach us its great! I haven't seen her all day today because she doing international missionary stuff but i only talked to her for a couple of hours but I already love her!
Fun fun fun!

Anywho I better head out! Peace! Na na! Au revoir!
I hope you have a fantastic week

Sister Arielle Bamba
Tahiti Papeete Mission

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