Friday, 1 May 2015

April 28 2015 - Week 8

Ia ora na ta'u mau tiare iti!

So I just found out! I have 19 more days until we leave the MTC woooo... I mean until we head off over to Tahiti!

This week has been a good week, an emotional rollercoaster if I might say. Lets start off with the sad stuff first. So the two other districts from our zone of the Elders going to France left yesterday and it was one of the saddest days here at the M​TC. Remember 6 weeks ago when I talked about having new Missionaries come in and how excited I was, well they're in France right now, off in the field about to do great things. It was just the fact that they were such good missionaries that left a huge impact on my district and whom we've come so fond of. Its ok we're so excited for them. France better watch out because of the amazing young missionaries coming their way.
They were such a happy bunch.

Ok now for the good happy stuff. So here at the MTC amazing things happen on the daily. Because everybody's so in tune to the spirit, there's always something uplifting and inspiring that people share and do that just make my day. Last Tuesday we had Elder Wilford W. Anderson came in to talk to us and he gave an amazing talk for not only missionaries but also for members. He talked about 3 types of knowledge's; mind knowledge, heart knowledge, and soul knowledge. Mind knowledge is basically knowing the facts or in other words being taught, studying and knowing the doctrine. This is essential but not sufficient, we need heart knowledge, which is the desire and true understanding which edifies us. Then there's the soul knowledge which is becoming. Like in music when we want to perform a piece, to get there it is needed that you memorize it (head knowledge), then you need to feel the music (heart knowledge) , and lastly you need to get the music in your fingers (soul knowledge) which is only achieved through practice. And he taught that we only come to know god by playing his music, which means we need to do those things listed above. For me they're all important but what stood out to me was the soul knowledge, the application to all what we have learnt and desire to achieve. Its so important to practice, practice and practice and  let our spirits grow brighter and brighter each day and as we do that we will be able to come to know our saviour more and more. So personally, what I've got from that is that I needed to apply all the spiritual uplifting things that I learn whether it be from a talk, a lesson, a devotional or a study session and take something I've learnt and challenge myself to apply it in my life somehow. Something specific so that I may be able to improve myself continually because I'm a pretty passive person so I can definitely work on this, and life is all about improvement and progression. With that said I would also like to challenge this to ya'll as well. 

That devotional was so great! Last Sunday's devotional was so awesome as well! President Vai Sikahema came over to talk to us. If you don't know who he is he's a stake president from the Philadelphia/New Jersey area (not really sure) but he talked about missionary moments he's had recently and miracles that happened during his mission. He's got great stories and they're quite hilarious too. It was entertaining because He's a new anchor from NBC channel 10 in Philadelphia so he like to talk and crack up jokes haha. He also was in the NFL, and was great at it. He played for the Cardinals, the Eagles and something else. He had so many great missionary moments because he loved talking to people and gave EVERYBODY a Book of Mormon. Such a cool guy.

Its funny because people who work/serve here at the MTC recognize my district and I here because we have been here longer than any other missionaries in the campus right now! The 9 weekers just about left or are leaving. It's all good, I don't think I'm ready to say bye to my teachers who are absolutely awesome! Imagine full time college students who are literally not even 5 years older than you, who are so spiritual and care so much for your well being and do everything they can to help you and give you tips and share amazing stories and miracles about their missions. I love them. I can't  wait to meet more missionaries just like them out in the field! 

Alright, well other than that its been the same old same old here at the MTC. Everything else has been the same including the food. The only thing that's different are the new sets of missionaries that come in and the construction that's going on here. For fun my district likes to look out the window from our classroom and watch the workers pour concrete. But other than that that's all. I still love it though...

Well That is all here at the MTC
Until Next week!

Au revoir

Sister Arielle Bamba
Tahiti Papeete Mission

My study books! left pile are all in english, middle is all french and the right are tahitian stuff. We study hard core here at the MTC.  

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