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May 5 2015 - Week 9

Ia ora na ia outou I teie mahana nehenehe!

So I heard that Google translate doesn't translate Tahitian...lame. It means hello to you this beautiful day! SO I'm in a really good mood right now! So many miracles, such a great day so far! 

Well what makes my Pday so great is that I have the opportunity to the temple! I love it so much! The Provo temple is so huge I love being in there! It's beautiful, I learn so much, its amazing. Then of course you can't leave the temple without going through the cafeteria. After eating the same rotation of food for 10 weeks, you want to have temple food. And its so worth it! I can most definitely say  that all the missionaries in the MTC agrees with me. Cool things happen in the temple cafeteria, this one time I met a temple worker who was grabbing lunch who my district started talking to and we found out He was from Cape Verde! I love Cape Verde! I went over there last summer and it was one of the best experiences ever! I actually met this one sister heading over there and when I found out I practically yelped, well it was more like a squeak. I was excited OK. But yeah I was  soooo stoked for her. 

So today after the temple, just as we were about to leave we found out our Teacher was in for a session so we waited around, hoping that we'd see her. eventually we decided that she probably left so we walked back to the MTC. Then as we were walking through the gate, we ended up talking to this girl who seemed our age who was applying for a job at the MTC and as we were walking and talking, she asked if we could help her get through the MTC. And of course, as Mormon missionaries, we were going to help her.  As we dropped her off to the lady in charge, that employer asked us if we could help her, and of course as missionaries we said yes. So apparently, this lady was in charge of real investigators and having missionaries teach them and apparently she was short of missionaries. She asked us if we could stay and give a 20 min message, but thought that the 5 of us sisters would be too overwhelming so basically the other sisters volunteered my companion and I to go do it. TO be honest, I was kind of worried, because obviously my companion and I weren't prepared, It was our Pday and all was just planning to take a nap after getting back from the temple. Also I didn't even have my scriptures on me. SO I didn't know what to expect. I knew that it was going to be interesting though. So my companion and I walked into the room where the investigator was and there was this nice girl, who seemed college aged sitting on the couch. The lady in charge didn't give us much instruction, just that we had 20 minutes and that she'll let us know when to wrap things up then she closed the door then left. Soeur Stosich and I introduced ourselves and got to know the investigator. Her name is Shannon, she's 23. She seemed super sweet and as we got to know her, we found out she's lived in Utah her whole life, and she's seen missionaries walk up and down her street numerous times, she's aware of Mormons and she's definitely seen them knock on her front door as her mom slams the door on their faces. She doesn't know much about the church So as we were talking and got to know her we gave her messages that we felt prompted to share based on her needs. Finding out that she has a 3 year old daughter who she loves so so much, we talked about the miracles and the blessing heavenly father blesses us with, we talked about how the gospel can bless families, we talked about prayer and how we can communicate with him and shared experiences that we all had, we talked about the holy ghost, and how we can recognize it in our lives. Shannon also asked about the Book of Mormon and she felt content and felt she understood the purpose of it more. We were then warned about the time as the lady  in charge popped her head into the room. I then asked Shannon why she wanted to know more about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and she basically described her needs, concerns and everything that she mentioned I know that the church and this gospel can offer her. I bore my testimony and told her basically everything she wanted to hear and how this gospel and the church can bless her life and her daughters. At the end I couldn't help but just off the couch and give her a hug. After Sister Stosich and I walked out of that lesson, we had the biggest smiles on our faces. I was so happy, Shannon, is amazing and I feel like I could relate to her so much. She needed to know that Heavenly Father was there for her and that there is a purpose in life and a purpose in all the things that we face. Its amazing to see how at the end of the lesson, you can see this look on her face, a new face of hope, understanding and a greater face of faith. Those 20 minutes talking to Shannon was probably my most favourite MTC experience so far because of the light that I could tell that was growing within her, that light of Christ , she was starting to recognize and that she was willing to find more about and that she realized that it was something that she wanted in her life. Ahh it was soooo good! I still can't stop smiling about it! I want to stop by and ask the lady in charge and ask when Shannon comes back! 

So the reason I'm so happy is that this is my first lesson as a missionary with a real investigator! Who knew it would happen in the MTC! and the fact that I had this opportunity and how I was lead perfectly into it is another testament to me that all things happen for a reason. And that as we are willing to serve the Lord, even by little acts of kindness, you can be an instrument to the Lords work. So whenever you have the opportunity to serve somebody, grab the chance if you can. I know that you can work through the guidance of the Lord and help him answer the prayers of other people. In fact we should be asking and looking for ways to serve. I know that great things happen after that, and that it will give you great joy. So this week, look for opportunities to serve, and always be willing to do so.  

So today is Cinco de Mayo and to celebrate, WE HAD CAFE RIO! and it was the first cafĂ© rio I've ever had and after hearing soo  much about it , I couldn't wait! So Canada doesn't have a variety of Mexican joints. I had the sweet pork burrito and it was still warm! Wait, sister Bamba, you're in the MTC how did you manage to get fresh CAFE RIO? Well My district happens to be the best district and we happen to talk to the right people. We're already best friends with the MTC Presidency, and we happened to make a little deal with the MTC cafeteria manager. So that's whats up for today. Its probably been one of my most favourite days.

Sister Arielle Bamba
Tahiti Papeete Mission

 This week, alot of things actually happened, a new french district came in! Theyre way cool!  Here they are!
Here's the Cafe Rio....
and here's another picture of the best district ever....

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