Saturday, 27 June 2015

June 1 2015 - Week 13

Ia ora na!

I hope all is well! So this week was a great week! It definitely didn't feel like I was grinking out of a gushing fire hydrant as I did last week! In fact I find that my french comprehension skills is getting a lot better! Wooo! I still don't contribute too much in lessons yet but its coming slowly! Yesterday I had a conversation with a lady at church for like 20 min (in french obviously) and that's the longest I've gotten without making an awkward face trying to walk away because I couldn't understand anything! Wooo improvement! So this week was a quite less demanding than last week. For lessons at least. Since we have four sisters in Heiri we finally had the 2 sectors split up into 2 so there's usually less lessons during the day but there are still so many people that we could go visit and see and contact! Its funny there was one day that all the people that we teach would literally pop out in the middle of nowhere, Like there there was this one time we bumped into a recent convert and as we were talking an ami happens to walk up. And apparently he never shows up for lessons so what better time that to trap him there at the moment to share a message with him. We also had an that recent convert which which was perfect (what are the odds) and he even got to share his conversion story!  I kid you notm this literally happend two nore times that day! What a coincidence (but we all really know it really was ;) its like Heavenly Father was like "here are my children, bring them back to me". Other than those cool experiences,  Also we've spent half of our days in meetings, service and we brought amis (investigators) to the visitors center to do tours! Later a whole bunch of us missionaries are going for a hike! I am so stoked! Because Tahiti is practically a an island with this huge mountain in the middle so I'm excited to see the view afterwards. I might die just in the process of getting there but you know, life's a climb, you just have to endure and look at the blessings it will bring afterwards.

Sister Arielle Bamba
Tahiti Papeete Mission

A little glimpse of how beautiful Tahiti is.

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