Saturday, 27 June 2015

June 15 2015 - Week 15

Bonjour toutes mes amis!

Wow the weeks here literally pass by! I cant believe that I've been here for around a month now, like what! So I've got to see my MTC district a lot because of this choir practice every pday that we have and its so fun because all the missionaries in the Island of Tahiti come! So apparently I've gotten so much darker this past month and according to them I'm not yellow anymore! Although they still call me chinois and people ask me if I'm chinois all the time here so I guess I'm not as brown looking as I thought. I also had my first mission conference and it was great hearing President Bize and his wife and get to know how they're like a bit more. To be honest though the only french accent that I can understand is Soeur Hubert from France who was in my district in the MTC so I could not understand anything what the Bizes were saying. President Sinjoux though spoke as well, he was the Mission President before Pres Bize and I could understand his talk which makes me so happy! Its been so long since I've listened to a talk and actually wrote down notes! Elder Nielson from the 70 came and spoke to us as well. So to be honest work in Heiri has been slow! But that's OK! Because last week we met this guy named Olivier as we were looking for another  investigator and we started taking to this Olivier guy and he was just so receptive and was very interested so we happened to invite him to church the day after. So in fact Soeur Taputea didn't even end up going to our ward so we weren't there to see if he came and didn't think he'd come so we just forgot about it. (tip, never do that!) So we had a lesson planned with him just last Saturday and we taught him the first lesson and then we found out that he came to Church the Sunday before and that he just sat outside because he had no idea what he was supposed to do so he left after an hour! ahhhh! haha but he came to church yesterday and it was great because he had members to welcome him and he said that he enjoyed it! That night we were going to the visitors center/temple to tour and teach a less active family about the plan of salvation and they happened to know Olivier as well so we invited him just last minute! well that family couldn't go last minute and we were devastated but our ward mission leader saved us and gave us a ride and brought Olivier and also another investigator who happened to be with us! Olivier had a lot of information laid on him that day but he had so many questions that were answered and I know that he is so ready for the gospel that Heavenly Father is providing us so many opportunities to do all we can to get Olivier receive eternal happiness!


Sister Arielle Bamba
Tahiti Papeete Mission

Random Pictures!

 This is Eric. We find Eric and his friends all over the house.

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