Saturday, 27 June 2015

June 22 2015 - Week 16

Iaorana! Eaha to oe huru?

I'm doing great! Thanks for wondering! This week has been an amazing week and I have been so blessed! Guess what so I got a call from the assistants of the mission president and transfers are coming up next Monday! No I didn't get a call to know who's getting transferred but the AP's (the assistants) wanted be to learn how to drive stick so I could start driving not really because Soeur Erekson is the driver and that means she might leave and I love her so much, and I literally thought she was going to be my mom\trainer for the next transfer! I love my companion to death but she wants to leave haha poor thing has been serving in our sector for 7 months! But yes I hope I do get to drive because I've always wanted to learn how to drive manual but the thing is that we have faatamaaraa'a (dinner appointments) EVERY NIGHT and they feed us so much! I've already gained weight and its only been a month! That's the downside of having a car. 

Alors, so much has happened this week! We went to the temple, then on Friday there was this HUGE activity, sooo many people were there! It was between the stakes of Faaa and Punaauia and and it was something like wipe out/the Disney channel games/ and those Asian game shows! And us missionaries were allowed to participate! My favorite part was when in the stands someone would dance and the whole crowd would follow him and it was just this huge party! I was so excited to be able to dance as a missionary! Don't think it would happen much after that occasion! Haha I might have gotten too carried away! Our mission President is great though even President Bize, our mission president joined in on an activity!

Also us missionaries have been practicing for the past couple month for this concert and our first one was last night held at my chapel and so ALL the missionaries who serve in the island of Tahiti and more participated in this concert and we invited all our investigators and members and the turnout was sooo awesome! It filled the whole chapel and the multi cultural hall there had to be over 500 people there and it was packed! Apparently they're huge missionary concerts. So fun! So my MTC district finally got to sing for Sister Bize the nission pr├ęsidents wife after the concert! She came over and wanted to hear it! the thing was that we haven't sung it in over a month but we just did it then and there and it still was fresh! It brought back so many good memories and feeling from the MTC! LOOOVE my MTC district soo much!
Other than that still working hard here in Heiri! I have been Learning to looooove my ward sooo so much! I feel like I'm getting to know the members, there are just so many great people here that I just look up to, so many members come to our lessons, I love working with them, I have the best bishop ever and my ward mission leader is the bomb! Fingers crossed I don't get transferred!

Oh and shout out to my dad! I love you so much! Ua here au ia oe! Je t'aime!

Sister Arielle Bamba
Tahiti Papeete Mission

 Our Dance Party!

My team flag. And me, the mascot the chinois (Chinese in french)

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