Saturday, 27 June 2015

June 8 2015 - Week 14

Bonjour mes amis!

So this week has been a crazy week! So there are 6 sister that live in my house -  there's me and my companion Seour Taputeam then Soeur Erekson and Soeur Hampton who also serve in Heiri, then theres Soeur Marrett and Soeur Smith (yes the one I was with at the MTC!) and those two serve in Tipaerui. In fact we live in Tipaerui which is basically just at the border of Papeete and we have a car to go to Heiri. So Soeur Marrett got the Dingue Fever so she was bed ridden with a high fever this whole week! That meant we had to do splits and Soeur Smith and I (2 newbies) got to teach together! Wooo! Just kidding well I had my companion with us so it wasn't too bad of a tragedy but It was so fun! SO I got to proselyte around Tipaerui for a day or two, even went to church there! The rest of the week was pretty much like that! Going back and forth! So that hike I told you about last week was legit! So we never got to a view In fact it led to a waterfall that we never got to, haha but I felt like we were in Jurassic park it was so cool! We got cross over this river like 3 dozen times that got to our knees, one elder even brought a machete(is that even allowed) but it was a cool jungle expedition. So as for our sector and our amis, I feel like I'm getting to know them a bit better and that I can joke around with some of them! Still not sure whats going on for the most part! But this week I've been focusing on my inadequacies that I was failing to rely on the spirit when I teach. I had a lack of faith in myself and in the lord and in the Spirit, and once I started zorking with opening my mouth words just spat out. And it was just a reminder that I really can't do this without the Lords help. It's the spirit who does the converting so its our job to bring that in the lives of the amis, and I have to let that power work within myself of course so I can share it with others! 

Je vous aime!

Sister Arielle Bamba

Tahiti Papeete Mission

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