Wednesday, 29 July 2015

July 13 2015 - Week 19


I feel so blessed to be here to see the works and miracles of the Lord! Seriously. So there's this investigator who has been taking lessons since the last year. Her name is Lahaina and is 15 years old and has a crazy smoking addiction as she was first introduced to cigarettes at the age of 10. So the first time the missionaries met her she had quite a bit of things to work on. Also realizing that shes 15, she likes to have fun, joke around and didn't take the lessons seriously for the longest time. So it wasn't until a couple of weeks ago she started progressing like crazy! Her desire to get baptized skyrocketed and her efforts in quitting smoking was undeniable and went from packs a day to 3 cigarettes a day, to 1 a day to 1 every 3 days! She was improving so much, the only thing that was stopping her was asking her parents for permission. So last Sunday she missed her ride to church so she called us and said she couldn't come, but then she came with the decision to ask her parents to drop her off to church. Then just before she got out off the car, her dad made a comment saying that he saw her efforts and the huge change that she has made and basically said that she can get baptized! Then a couple days after  we got to her lesson and found out that she wasn't there because she decided to attend EFY last minute and was there for the week! (We had no idea the efforts of member interrogators is real - I love Church members!) But the thing is that she had the strongest desire to be baptized that upcoming Saturday which her being at EFY and not having her parents written authorization, with them also not knowing that she was making it her goal to be baptized within the next few days was a little bump in the road. But like what I have been saying before, is that the Lord prepares a way for for his work to come forth. Seriously, her baptism was a miracle it happened and it was all thanks to Heavenly Father.

Lahaina's baptism was her best experience ever! all her EFY friends were there, everyone from her neighborhood, and so many members came to support her, all the missionaries that worked with her and her favorites were there as well. Lahaina, only 15 years old was touched by this experience so much I am so proud of her! Its seriously experiences like these to see how the gospel changes the hearts of the people is a reason that I'm grateful to be out here. The power of the atonement is real. Jesus Christ lives. Heavenly Father is out father in heaven, who is all powerful, has us his children in his heart and is always mindful of us and brings forth miracles.    

Sister Arielle Bamba
Tahiti Papeete Mission

Lahaina's Baptism!

Lahaina with my new mom Soeur Cromar

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