Wednesday, 29 July 2015

July 27 2015 - Week 21

Iaorana tatou!

Crazy things happened this week. So I was yelled at by some angry Tahitian man that was getting ready to try to fight us! So background story is his son, Teva who is 19 started taking lessons with us. He saw the difference and the change in his friend Lahaina who recently got baptized. So his dad found a copy of the book of Mormon and freaked. They live in an apartment and apparently the brawl was so bad everybody came out to check up on them and even the dad started yelling at the members who live in that complex. Teva's dad was saying not to take lessons with us, and all about the false things we were saying but Teva just kept saying no dad, I want to change, look at Lahaina, I want this in my life, I know that what the sisters are teaching is true. So then he grabbed a sack of his clothes, his book of Mormon and left his dad that night to stay with his real parents. So know that S Cromar and I were at that neighborhood /complex for practically that whole day doing lessons and left for an hour for another lesson and came back, no joke 5 minutes after it all settled down for another lesson. So a week goes by and we drive by and see Teva and of course we were going to say hi, And as we were talking to Teva, his dad pops up in the middle  of nowhere and comes to the car window on my side and starts yelling in angry Tahitian and then in angry French that I had no idea what was going on, then he starts trying to take his jacket off as he was wanting to start a fight. I was so shocked I really had no idea how to think. one thing that Soeur Cromar and I knew though is that we were protected by the Lord. It wasn't too long until members and the the neighborhood came right up to us to make sure we were safe. It wasn't until then that I realized that the Lord will protect his servants, because even though yes it did startle me, I felt calm that whole time.

Don't worry, were safe, nothing bad happened to us I promise! Although I am praying for Teva! That week, I realized how much people are fighting to have the gospel in their lives. And Teva is wanting these lessons so badly because he knows that through the gospel of Jesus Christ of latter day saints, he can change and find newer and better meaning life, why were really here. We had a lesson with him in our ward mission leader's home and for our closing hymn we sang, "Where can I Search for peace" and from the struggles that he's facing right now, I know that he is in the right path in finding it.

I love the mission!

Sister Arielle Bamba
Tahiti Papeete Mission

Lahaina! aka future Soeur Kohumoetini

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