Monday, 31 August 2015

August 10 2015 - Week 23


Ok so wow I cant believe it but its officially been 12 weeks since I've been here in Tahiti! my training is officially over and I guess I'm no longer considered as a baby here in the mission because a group of 20 missionaries are coming tonight here in Tahiti going to experience what I experienced for the past 12 weeks! After some thought about my training here I have grown so much. from my language skills to my teaching skills and just interacting with people has changed and gladly improved! All thanks to my moms Soeur Taputea and Soeur Cromar who were patient and taught me so so much! I love them! I'm getting a new companion on Wednesday and i get to stay in  my secteur heiri for a bit longer which I'm so happy about because I love the people here and its so awesome to take the time to get to know the people here better. So last night was the finale of our missionary concert season.

So for the past month or two, every 
Sunday we would hold a concert for investigators and members. its so awesome to let the spirit work through music and hymns. I love singing and looking into the crowd and seeing how people are so touched by the lyrics and the spirit. When you see people crying and tearing up, you feel so accomplished. So our mission President and his wife really like my districts musical numbers that we personally sang for them a couple times after just arriving here in Tahiti so they got us to sing as an opening for every concert!Its amazing remembering how we were singing at the mtc and here we are now in Tahiti still singing together. Its amazing what music can bring.

So a 
handful of missionaries are going back home today and it literally is the coolest thing to talk to them, they are the most amazing the  people ever! So I met this return missionary last night at the concert who just got back home who served in Madagascar and he said it was insanely hard. There they only had 3 lessons each week and that he had to learn 3 languages. He had so much discouragement but he had a motto that he shared with me that I thought was cool. He said that discouragement is the enemy of faith. And its so true. I thought I had it pretty bad but I am so blessed to serve in the best mission ever that I shouldn't be complaining about. But wherever we are, wherever we serve, no matter what the difficulty, in all things, fight off the discouragements. Discouragement is Satan trying to tear you down. Its hard dealing with discouragement but a heart filled with faith is really what brings us miracles.

Sister Arielle BambaTahiti Papeete Mission

 Soeur Morrill a fresh new missionary that i adopted for 2 days before she left to her first area an outer island called huahine!

Saying goodbye to Soeur Smith after living with her for 5 months! She left to a cool outer island called raitea!

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