Monday, 31 August 2015

August 17 2015 - Week 24

People in Tahiti, you better watch out because Soeur Bamba is coming to town.

Seriously though, so just a week ago I learnt how to drive a standard. Yeah. Lets just say at least the sisters I drive around are patient with me. I have to drive around 3 other companionships around town so I've been getting a lot of practice. Lets just say I'm still learning. Driving here though is quite different back in Canada though. In fact I was stoked to start driving until I got behind the wheel. Its all good its taught me a lot of patience being the chauffeur for everybody and all. 

So I got a new companion this past week her name is Soeur Noho! Shes from here in Tahiti! in fact its kind of funny her home ward uses the same chapel building where we serve. She is awesome though! I'm excited to work with her for the next 6 weeks! Oh yeah that being said I'm still in Heiri! Woo Actually I don't think I would mind staying here until Christmas! Like I've said before the members are amazing and being here for 3 month s now, I've gotten to know the members a lot better which i love! There are so many awesome members and amazing conversion stories which testify how great this gospel is and how strong it touches and changes people's lives. I am so grateful for ever person that I meet here! 

Parapapapaaa I'm loving it!

Speaking of McDonald's, fun fact there's like 3 McDonald's like half an hour radius from me. Fun fact number 2 its only been 3 months here in Tahiti and I've tallied up to eating at McDonald's here for roughly 25 times! Don't worry mom I'm being fed over here :)

Ua here au ia outou!
Sister Arielle Bamba
Tahiti Papeete Mission

Soeur Noho - my campanion! shes tahitian!

These are the lovely sisters that i live with!

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