Tuesday, 20 October 2015

September 14 2015 - Week 27

First of all , THANK YOU all for the birthday wishes! It was great to hear from you guys! 20 is a scary number but i finally accepted it! 

Ok So crazy things happen here on the mish. Its stressful, its can get scary, but the spirit that you feel and the experiences that you get is not like any other. 
SO this week I've learnt a couple of things; So before my mission I was always terrified of being too prideful. Its weird but it was like a fear of mine. But being on a mission, you learn a couple of things about yourself. And yes its true, Soeur Bamba is a little prideful in her own way. 
When you're out serving the Lord, your own matters shouldn't be placed first on the list. This includes fear, lack of confidence, worries, personal problems, companionship problems, fatigue, and the list goes on. These things shouldn't get in the way in the service to Lord. Instead, we should be focused on the investigators, their needs, the members, how we can help and strengthen them, how we can serve others, and especially how can I  best serve the Lord. We always should be turning outward and stop thinking about ourselves. Like what my MTC teacher used to tell us all the time "get over yourself". 

Ok so why am i telling you all this, well whether on a mission or not , we can see His greatness and His works in our lives when we rely on Him and turn to Him in all we do. Even when we aren't the most prideful people, there is always something that we are too absorbed in our own lives. There is always something that we can forget, about ourselves and do the will of the Lord. Whether its by service, by showing our love to others, being there for someone, being there for our family, sharing your testimony, no matter what it is there is something that we can always do. 

And when we turn outwards to the Savior, it invites Him in our lives. When we lose focus on the will of Heavenly Father that is when when things get hard.When we are constantly turned to Him, in our hearts, in our homes, through prayer and faith in Him; that is when you find the most miracles, where you can see His hands helping you in your daily lives. Because we need Him, we need His help, love grace and mercy. And when we do that, we can overcome and accomplish amazing things.

So like what I was told basically everyday at the MTC: GET OVER YOURSELF
(in the most loving and nicest way)

Sister Arielle Bamba
Tahiti Papeete Mission

Soeur Afasene and Soeur Keslsey made me a cake!

Its a horrible picture but its all I have of my mini birthday party

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