Tuesday, 22 March 2016

December 21 2015 - Week 41

So it's feeling a lot like Christmas here in Tahiti in the 25-degree weather! No, Seriously I love Christmas time! I've been listening and singing only S Christmas songs. Speaking of singing, since Tahitians love singing there was a concert held not too long ago for all the churches and religions here in Tahiti for the president of the country. Us missionaries were invited to sing a couple of songs for the crowd. We decided to sing the oh so famous glorious, this Tahitian chant which the whole crowd loved by the way when they heard a whole bunch of "Americans" sing this one, and my favorite, oh come oh come Emanuel. It's my favourite because as we were performing, I looked into the sky and the stars and I saw all the lights and I remember the story of the Saviours birth and to testify of Him through this song was just a privilege for me.  

Also, if you a television program here in Tahiti thought it would be a great idea to film a few missionaries singing on national television. So if you'll want to check that out the tv channel is "Polynesia1" if you wanted to check it out online. it broadcasts 21H on December 24th Tahitian time of course!

Speaking of Christmas, It really is the best time to testify of the Saviour, my companion and have been taking advantage and this week we held a ward family home evening where we invited all of our investigators and the ward of course. It was great because 50 people ended showing up! I literally am so grateful to have members who support missionary work. Anyways we showed 3 videos concerning Christmas and, of course, it had to talk about the saviour. Then we had members who bore their testimony after each video. The man was it powerful, then we split up different groups to let the games start and wow everybody a great time even all the menu and the papers were participating and laughing. Everybody had a great time. 

Below is the church website of some videos that we showed for our FHE and I invite all of you to watch the 2 videos linked in this website to see the greatest gift ever that was given to us by our Heavenly Father.


Merry Christmas Everyone!!!! 

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