Tuesday, 22 March 2016

December 7 2015 - Week 39

Hello world, 

Wow so being here in Tahiti, you totally forget how it's like in the outside world, or in other words life at home. Sorry, i know I haven't been keeping you folks in the loop!

So I Passed MY 9 MONTH MARK THIS WEEK ! That means I am officially halfway through my mission! Crazy right? I'm still on my second area and in with my 5th companion! Right, Now I'm with Soeur Shiva who's from here in Tahiti! She is amazing and has a strong testimony. My last companion Soeur Tidjine from New Caledonia for transferred into the islands ( lucky bum!). 

So here in Tahiti, we've had a heat wave roll in and it makes missionary work feel less magnificent when you're all soaked in sweat. But wow having great conversations wth people about the church really makes up for all of that. Here in Tahiti, a grand percentage of the people are religious and religious conversations get really interesting. We meet people who like talking about God but who aren't at all interested and also great people who are amazed at what we missionaries do, and there are the people who think we are Jehovah's witnesses and shoo us away. 

This week we met up with an investigator who seemed to be all interested but in the ended were just wanting to prove us wrong. I have, to be honest, there were times where I just didn't feel the spirit say anything in this lesson, but at the same time, we were lead to a moment where we were given a chance to bear our testimony and man I did not hesitate one second. I bore my testimony of Joseph Smith, of the restoration and of the Book of Mormon, These investigators had nothing to say in the end, we even gave them a Book of Mormon to read in the end. In fact, they ended up liking us and ask if we can come back another time. I was a little reluctant because these guys had a history of making the past sister missionaries cry or angry in lessons so we said in terms if only they read the Book of Mormon. They said they would read it. 

So this is one of the many experiences that I face here in Tahiti. I just am so thankful that I'm here to have these moments and experiences that just strengthens my own testimony that makes it's more sure than ever. I'm so grateful also that I can share and testify of this truth to everyone I meet. It really is a blessing.

Sister Arielle Bamba
Tahiti Papeete Mission

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