Tuesday, 22 March 2016

February 29 2016 - Week 51

Hello everybody
So in Ahe believe it or not it hasn’t even been 1 year that they finally received the internet and in fact, they really don't have the best internet reception and because of that, i couldn't really do my emails. 
So don't worry mom and dad I'm alive! Also in the last couple of weeks, so many things happened. Well after 3 weeks being in Ahe after I finally got adjusted and used to it and caught up in the work. I got a call at 10:50pm saying that I'm bein transferred! I freaked ou and didn't get any sleep that night. So for the moment  am in the ward of Tamara back on the island of Tahiti. President Bize even called me to say sorry for the weird transfer but he said the Lord called me to where I am now and I was completely ok and willing just a bit shocked really, but it's just funny when he said he also needed someone who can drive a standardized car well...then I was like so hats why I'm being sent back to Tahiti is to drive a car.,. Haha no the Lord has really blessed me to serve in Ahe but dangit I was enjoying being on a bike for the first time on m mission. So being on a mission transfers just come like that and each transfer I've done, i never got the chance to say bye to people but it bing tiny in AHE everyone found out and all said bye to us and gave us their thanks ad appreciation and all wished us goodbye. It was te cutest thing when they said bye to us as we got on the boat to get to the airport. And when we go to the airport, there were even more people waiting for us to say bye. I wasn't even there for 4 weeks but i loved it and everyone in his island!
So my new ward is awesome. Where its all green and right by the mountains. It's absolutely beautiful. My companion is way cool, I am so blessed to have a companion as diligent and hardworking as she is. Her name I Soeur Kaiha and is Tahitian. It has been a week that I've been here and it definitely not like Ahe but I'm loving it. 
Well, thought id give yall the heads up of whats going on. And I can't believe it but Friday makes my 1 YEAR MARK ON MISSION!!!! Crazy.
Ua here vau ia outou
Sister Arielle Bamba
Tahiti Papeete Mission

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