Tuesday, 22 March 2016

January 25 2016 - Week 46

Well, the last couple of days has been full of surprises! 

1. Miracle of the week: So when I got here in Pirae 4 months ago I my companion and I started taking lessons again with an eternal investigator. That means they had been taking lessons but doesnt seem to be progressing. Her name is Heloe and I when I met I say the potential in her eyes right away. The only thing that was stopping her from keeping her commitments to baptism was really herself. Well We decided to put her in standby a couple weeks ago because even with all the hope i had for her she wasnt going anywhere. Well she called us to come one day for a lesson and I was surprised and we ended up going. We found out that she hasnt even prayed, not even one time, to find out if the book of mormon was true. She always rejected the invitation. Well we had a good lesson about the this importance and gave her again this invitation aslong with 3Nephi11 to read. Well we came back a couple days after and she said she prayed, then she read the chapter and that she found the answer in 3 Ne 11 : 25-26 which clearly talks about baptism. We then took the moment to invite her to get baptised and for the first time after many times she said yes! I know that the Book of Mormon is really the key for us to receive a testimony of the truth of all things. And without it, Heloe wouldnt have known, without it, I wouldnt have known what I know is true. This book truly is amazing!

2. So we've been expecting transfer calls for a while and the Assistants decided to do the calls last minute Saturday night to do them. I wasnt expecting a transfer but as always I was pretty curious! Well I was just getting ready to bed and I hear on of the Sisters in the house pick up the phonem then I hear the voice of the assistants and I ran in the room and I listen for the updates with all the other sistersm then it comes to my turn. I grab the phone, then he says "Soeur Bamba tu est transferer a...." then i accidently turn the speaker off and totally missed what he said, it took me like 30 seconds of freaking out then one of the other sisters turned it back on. It was then when he told me I was being transfered to AHE! So for those of you who dont know (pretty much all of you haha) Ahe is a tiny island, waaay tinier than tahiti. Its one of those tiny islands shaped like a donut. As you could have guessed everybody freaked out. 

3. So it was only a couple of hours ago when I found out that my plane leaves tomorrow morning at 6:30 so I have to get all my bags ready to go tonight to put on the boat! Then tomorrow I leave! Crazy how things change just like that. Well, Im super excited! Work is going to be super different after working in areas that are well civilized in the past 8 months. Well, I can't wait to send you all photos next week!  

Sister Arielle Bamba
Tahiti Papeete Mission

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