Tuesday, 22 March 2016

March 14 2016 - Week 53

Such a great week. I love it

So I looove my companion Sr Kaiha! Ive already had soo many great missionary experiences with her. So missionary work in Tahiti is more of teaching and less of contacting/tracting/door to door approach. So i've had some opportunities to look for people to teach but its never really something  I do often. Last saturday my companion and I dedicated this whole day finding people and Heavenly Father really blessed us to find the people that needed the gospel in their lives!! We met so many people that day and met 11 hungry souls who accepted the gospel taught in their homes! I love it tahitians, they are so humble and they teach me so much! 

I dont know why but this week i came across 3 bible bashes, the Lord has really blessed me to stay calm and to follow the spirit when these things happen. The best thing is to HUMBLY testify because when the investigator eels the spirit, the environment can change dramatically
And also this week to get to a lesson, my companion told me that there was a shortcut to et to our investigators house so we ended up going on foot and she told me that there was a river to cross and i was cool - lets go on an adventure! I thought there would be a bridge of some sort but nope, we had to cross the river on foot! I was terrified of falling from the current and of the giant eels but dont worry it turned out ine and it was only knee high. It was an adventure after all and had to be the highlight of my week! haha

So today was a superbusy it didnt help that i was sick! So Its my first transfer as an STL - oh yeah when i got transfered to Temarua i became a Sister Training Leader so then in the last few of weeks that ive been here ive been to special training as a leader, ive been calling other sisters and paying attention to how theyre doing and i've been giving some training to other missionaries. I always thought that it its just normal missionary work with a little bit more resposibilities and a title that i didnt need. But this morning i got up at 5:30 in the morning because my companion and I, being th STLs and having a car had to transport the sisters into their new areas all over the island. My companion and I didnt get back until 2:30pm to have our P-day to ourselves haha.

I've talked to some sister missionaries who dreaded being or becoming STLs and i can say I'm pretty guilty for also having dreaded this extra responsibility.
But today, as I was driving I, thought to myself, 
this mission isn't about me,
this service isn't about me,
this calling isn't about me, 
But it's the WILL and the WORK of the Lord and he NEEDS me to do the work that I've been asked to do. And now I can say that I am so blessed to have this opportunity to serve and conquer my weaknesses and to forget even more of myself.

Sister Arielle Bamba
Tahiti Papeete Mission

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