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October 26 2015 - Week 33

Hello, everyone!

Life on a mish isn't always la vie en rose. But I love just thinking about my week that past and thinking of all the cute little miracles that we've had. 

So just a week before, we had a multi-zone conference where and we were really lucky to hear from our Mission President who gave us the training to amp up our skills and which he decided to talk about baptism. I was like perfect because it was exactly what I needed. We have investigators who are potentials and progressing who has a testimony of the truth of this gospel who are ready to take the next step to baptism. They just don't know that yet.

I can tell you inviting other people to get baptized can get a little scary and me is not a very straight up person but I've learnt that not inviting other people doesn't help them progress and receive blessings either. Also, when I invite that means I'm using my faith in the lord and in his gospel because I know that this is something that I want for them to have in their lives. Also by inviting others to baptism, our investigators will have to make a choice of faith and by accepting this their faith will grow. So for the first 5ish months out here in the field, I think I've seen my companions engaging for baptisms but I don't think I ever actually invited someone to get baptised. And this Past week, we invited almost all of our investigators to baptism. I feel like all we talked about this week is baptism. 

It's a little tricky because they know that they have to get baptized and they want to. It's just that they're scared. I'm not going to lie we did get shut down quite a bit. It's funny that they all do want to get baptized but it's setting the date that scares them. But what I learnt is that is if we don't have a set goal in life, then we don't have a vision where were going which keeps us from progressing. 

So a tiny miracle that I had experienced this week is when we invited an investigator to baptism and just before I even finished my sentence she was already shaking her head. We asked her what was blocking her and it  was just the date that was scaring her like everybody else in Tahiti. Then we asked her if she knew if this church is true. We then pulled out a scripture that that we all know 1nephi 3;7 and asked her if she had faith in heavenly father and if she had faith that he will provide a way fro her. We talked and discussed a little to a point when she just said, "alright I want to get baptized." 

I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for each and every one fo his children and that we need to put our trust in him and doubt not.Because he will provide a way. We just need to show that we are willing to follow and obey him. 
Sister Arielle Bamba
Tahiti Papeete Mission

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