Monday, 11 July 2016

July 11 2016 - Week 70

HeIIo Everybody,

Sooooooo I have 1 transfer Ieft!!!!! that means 6 weeks! this is UNREAL I don't even know what to think reaIIy and ha no I'm NOT a trunky.

Sister MorriII and I have been working hard and we've found some really awesome peopIe. I seriousIy am going to miss having to meet Tahitians everyday because they can be the most interesting peopIe haha. They can be the most heartwarming people ever, for those who accepts us missionaries! haha

So this week we were teaching an investigator and just before starting her husband puIIed in and we asked her if she thought if her husband would like to come and she laughed and she said he doesn't want to do anything about reIigion and then when he walked in I thought to invite him anyways and he just laughed and waIked away. I didn't think much after but as we were doing the Iesson I could see the husband listening in and about after 10 min he puIIs up a chair and sits to listen! He even had questions going in the end!

No matter who we are, Heavenly Father can soften the hearts of His chiIdren. IittIe by IittIe i know that through the doctrine of Christ's church and by the spirit anyone can change. 

Sister Arielle Bamba
Tahiti Papeete Mission

June 27 2016 - Week 68

Hello everyone

Know that I miss you all so much even though I haven't sent out an email for like 2months! The mission has just been super busy and I find that Internet and computer access and even time has been hard to find. So I'll just fill you in on what happened recently.

So my companion sister Kaiha finished her mission and I was the one to kill her. We stayed 5months together and it was a blast. I love serving with her because she showed me how to persevere until the very end. So Sr. Kaiha had a super super bad herniated disk and for those who doesn't know what that is well it's a back problem that hurts really really bad. Well because she wanted to finish her mission really bad, she did and with honor. What a champion. Well the day after her release she got operated and is recovering. :)

So right now I am sister Morrill from Alabama and it's been fun. It's so different being with an English speaking companion because I've always been with French speakers. I had and awkward time trying to switch into English with her haha. 

So a couple weeks ago we had the privilege to have some general authorities come here to Tahiti. We had Sister Reeves (the 2nd counselor of the general RS presidency) and her husband, sister McConkie (the 1st counselor of the general YWs presidency) and her husband, and elder Pearson (from the 70) and his wife. So this had to be my favorite mission conference by far and was a spiritual highlight. The messages were, of course, focused on missionary work and this just gave me the focus and the motivation I needed of how I wanted to end my mission. 

So apparently I have 7weeks left. Yeah where did that come from? Yeah no I'm not trunky and I am so not ready to go home. I just want to go home without any regrets and literally give my heart and service to all the people of Tahiti while I can. So I'm going to take some of the messages I heard from the general authorities by giving 10%more of myself which isn't a lot but makes all the difference. It's the little things that counts. I want to go home with the Lord proud of the work that I've done for Him and be accepted of Him. So for the general authorities all the missionaries sung a song for the intermediate hymn and it was "I'll go where you want me to go" done in a beautiful arrangement. It's a song that we sing for the missionary concerts and honestly it wasn't ever my fave song to sing for the concerts because I thought it lacked dynamics but is really decent as an arrangement. But when we sang this song this day, the whole room was filled with the spirit that that every person in the room was teary eyed. I realized how beautiful this song was when I sang as I testified this song. It was a beautiful moment.

So I'm not going to lie, Sr Kaiha and I were having a really hard time in the area. We had a really hard time finding success. There was even one day that every house stopped by, we had continuous rejection. I've never felt so rejected, mocked at and yelled at in my life. My companion and I just had our heads down and I Thought to myself "how could people reject God's servants and His messengers???". I then thought of my Saviour Jesus Christ and he himself, being the Saviour was rejected, mocked, yelled at, spit at and even killed. It never was easy for any of Gods messengers and prophets. I then had a greater appreciation of all the prophets that gave their service to the Lord and of course to my Saviour and Redeemer.

But there are still people who accept us even if finding these people are like a needle in a haystack. This week we found the needle, who's name is Sabrina. So after we met her, we fixed another appointment with her for yesterday and this lady recognized the light of Christ, that when she shared her the scripture Mathew 11:28-30 and when she said that this concerns me, I felt prompted to invite her to baptism and without a doubt, she accepted. The spirit was so strong you couldn't deny it. 

This church is true. And I'm so grateful for it because without it, I literally don't know where I would be and I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to share it with others. 

Sister Arielle Bamba
Tahiti Papeete Mission

May 16 2016 - Week 62

Hello everybody 
It's been so long I know. It's funny because Pdays are supposed to be our day off but it seems to be if not the most stressful day of the week because there's so many things you want to get done this day. And on top of that in the last month or two we started practicing for the missionary concerts again for this year which took up already half or Pday. But who's complaining because we had our first concert last night and it was the bomb. The whole chapel was packed even all the way until the stage on the other side of the cultural hall. Oh how strong was the spirit. Tahitians love music and the message that was brought through the songs about the light of Christ was so powerful.  So because where the concert was held was at the chapel of my first area I got to see lots of familiar faces that I love so much. Traditions are so loving smiley and friendly people that I felt so welcomed back in Heiri. I even got to see some of my converts which made me so happy that they're still strong in the church magnifying their callings. One of them will be going to the temple next month for his endowment! The church is so true! 
Sister Bamba moment:
So we had leadership meeting with our mission president and other zone leaders and STL's and because the meeting was at president's house in Papeete (medical access is really limited here) , we wanted to take advantage by going to the doctors for my companion (she has a really bad herniated disc!) And for another sister with back problems so we went before the reunion but that got us an hour late!  So when my companion and I opened the door to walk in  presidents house  discreetly we totally interrupted a spiritual  and important discussion given by a member of the 70! Oh no..... But I still enjoyed the reunion. One thing that stuck to me was something Sr Bize the mission presidents wife shared with us and it was a story about an experiment done with frogs where each one of them were separately put into jars with the lid covered. They had all the necessities to live and as frogs they jumped and jumped and jumped each time hitting their heads on the lid each time. After about a month the lids were taken off so the frogs were no longer limited but were jumping no higher than where the lid was kept and none of them tried to jump out of their jars. The frogs in fact believed that they couldn't jump any higher than what they were used to. But in reality our capacities are limitless. Anything and everything is possible with the hands of the Lord. He has given us possibilities,  talents and his power to accompany us. There should be nothing holding us back. In fact Sr Bize gave her training about fears and she compared this story about facing our fears and reaching our capacities as missionaries but we can apply it to many things. So jump higher than you ever had. The lid is off. It's just in your head. Reach for the stars.

I love y'all
Sister Arielle Bamba                                                                                                                                 Tahiti Papeete Mission

April 18 2016 - Week 58

So I have to thank Heavenly Father for all the funny/cool moments he gave me this week.

1.So last P-day we went to what we call "le marché" which is a market where they sell fruits/veggies and souvenirs for tourists in the capital city of Papeete and as we were walking we happened to meet a young adult who was selling some goodies on his stand, anyways we carried well the conversation and had a couple good laughs then about 10min in we find out that his sister is a member and we start talking about the church and us missionaries. Well we definitely had to refer this guy to the missionaries so we asked him where lives then he replied and told us that he lives in Papara! Then we were like what?! and we asked which street, then he told us he lives on Quartier lucky, and we were even more astonished because we go through this street several times throughout the day! Then we even tracked down exactly where he lives. What chance? But seriously Heavenly Father really works things out.

2. Another not so coincidental moment was when I was doing a split with another sister (STL prorocall), sister Padbury, we had about 30min before our meeting with our ward missionary leader so we decided to go do some contacting well this one little back road that I've never been to caught my eye and we decided to turn in and there were a few houses but we decided to keep following the road. Well we got to this one point when the road started to get real tricky and I told Soeur Padbury that I don't know if this actually leads to somewhere but I just felt like we needed to continue and when we did we found a house on the end of the road. Well we couldn't really turn around so we decided to contact this one house and a lady named Manaiva answered and we talked for a bit and we found out she recently moved in and has already invited other missionaries at her old house and she accepted us to come again! Well after when we got to our meeting our ward missionary leader after and told us that he had a reference for us and he even drew out a map to show us where this family lived and he traced out exactly where Manaiva lived! He told us that the spirit told him to talk to this family and that he needed to refer this family to the missionaries! Coincidence? I dont think so... 

3. So I was in a lesson the same day with Soeur Padbury and I got 2calls that I couldn't answer because I didn't want to cut off the lesson so by the 3rd time the phone rang again I answered and it was from a reference. She excused herself for the first lesson that she missed and wasn't able to go to and then she asked if we could meet up again. I was a little reluctant but when she said if we could meet up right now I was like 'okay!' but seeing that we were busy we fixed a lesson for the afternoon. She told me that she really really wanted the lesson so I then got excited to meet this person. Well it wasn't even time for her lesson but as we were driving down a road to get to another lesson a lady i didn't recognized passing the opposite direction waved at us and then stopped her car and seeing that she wanted to talk to us, I too stopped the car, she backed up and presented herself as Bonita, the lady who called earlier and asked us where we were going and if we were going to her lesson or not. Haha she really wanted us to come over, we told her we'd stop over in an hour and so we did. When we got there, they were already waiting for us. So Bonita turns out to be really really cool. And apparently she's taken missionary discussions for a really long time and she just recently moved in and has been waiting for the missionaries to stop by for a month now! She told me that she wants to get married, respect the word of wisdom and get baptized! 

I have met A LOT of people on my mission. And already I feel so blessed to have met people whose hearts are ready to accept the gospel of Jesus Christ. But to have met somebody who was hungering to have the word of god received in their homes, to have His servitors walk in their homes and to have hearts so humble to want to be directed towards our Saviour like that makes me so so grateful that I am out on a mission. 
Well I found out later from my bishop that there was a confusion in our ward boundaries and that Bonita doesn't even live in my area! Surprisingly I wasn't even sad to have given Bonita to other missionaries but I am just happy she's nourished by the gospel and that now she receives missionaries regularly. And I am so grateful that even for the smallest thing, Heavenly Father trusts me to use me as his instrument so that His children can come unto to Him. I love my mission!

Wow I literally just found out I have exactly 4 months lefts on my mission!!! what????!

Sister Arielle Bamba
Tahiti Papeete Mission

April 11 2016 - Week 57

So Sr Kaiha and I unexpectedly had an addition in our companionship this week! The mission president's assistants called us last week and told Sr Kaiha and I were going to have a new sister just the day after! President must really love Sr Kaiha and I to bless us with responsibilities and opportunities to serve. Crazy, but i am SO happy to have Sister PUTOA with us, who's from Tahiti but is waiting for her visa to go to the MTC and is called to serve in Louisiana! Well, I have to be honest it was already weird for me to have responsibilities as an STL and sister Putoa coming in and having to train someone again took me a while to get used to but seriously for a missionary who hasn't gone through the MTC yet, Sister Putoa is killing it! She is doing such a great job and is just so happy to be out on a mission. The people of Louisiana are so lucky to have her. So it's been a week or so that she's with us and we got through the awkward situation getting used to things and being in a threesome. I love my companions we just work so well together and have so much fun in the work as well. 

So it's been a week after the beautiful conference that we had and there is no perfect time to apply all the words that touched our hearts. And this week I've had some very humbling learning experiences that's helping me become more of the person, servant and daughter that Heavenly Father is expecting of me. One talk that I really loved was the last from Elder Holland and if you haven't read/watched it yet then I encourage you all to read it -

So one of my humbling learning experiences was when my companion and I had to do training during our leadership meeting with the mission President. Well I felt my companion and I did a really good job and at the end the president asked us unexpectedly to do a role play of what we just taught. I kept it cool during the training but I freaked out during the role play and at the end president was like ''sisters, that was horrible!" and he told us everything we did wrong and didn't do right in front everybody, haha and I just stood there smiling and nodding and writing notes on what he told us that we all missionaries should strive for. Yeah I'm sure I could've cried but I took this more like a learning positive experience and I know that President just loves me to tell me what I can do to be better. One thing I learned since in the MTC is that sometimes you have to crash and burn to learn how to fly. 

So this week my companions and I had a beautiful experience with our investigators- RONALD, ANAVAI, JULIETTE AND HELENE GOT BAPTISED! I don't have too much time to tell yall their story (next time!) but I'm sure the picture below sums up how beautiful this day was for them.

Sister Arielle Bamba
Tahiti Papeete Mission

March 28 2016 - Week 55

Hello Everybody!

It has been another amazing week with sister Kaiha in Temarua! 

The first group picture below is a photo of the family MAIRAU. Most of this family used to be members of the church but left and aren't in the church anymore and this past week during family home evening grandma Juliette finally made the decision to be rebaptized into the church. What a miracle! Her daughter Helen has been ready and has been waiting for her mom to join her with the decision to be baptized. All thanks to one of the grandchildren, Hanalei (8), who was an example to her family who got baptized last month and now even one of her cousins Anavai (8) is getting baptized as well with grandma Juliette and her auntie Helen! I love this family!

Oh and happy Easter! I hope you all enjoyed all the mini eggs that don't exist here! 

I just wanted to spend a few minutes just expressing my gratitude for my Savior Jesus Christ. I know that I would be nowhere without Him. By his loving atonement, I am here on earth progressing in Gods plan so that I can become like Him glorified and perfect. I am so far away from even being a little hint of perfection but I know that with my Saviour I can reach my absolute highest potential and that I can encounter anything that comes in my life if I just humidify myself put my trust in Him, and follow Him. I am so grateful for the experiences I've had on my mission to have my eyes opened to the Lord's grace and loving mercy. I see and feel it everyday in my life and in others. I know that my Redeemer lives and because of Him we do too.

Sister Arielle Bamba
Tahiti Papeete Mission