Monday, 11 July 2016

April 11 2016 - Week 57

So Sr Kaiha and I unexpectedly had an addition in our companionship this week! The mission president's assistants called us last week and told Sr Kaiha and I were going to have a new sister just the day after! President must really love Sr Kaiha and I to bless us with responsibilities and opportunities to serve. Crazy, but i am SO happy to have Sister PUTOA with us, who's from Tahiti but is waiting for her visa to go to the MTC and is called to serve in Louisiana! Well, I have to be honest it was already weird for me to have responsibilities as an STL and sister Putoa coming in and having to train someone again took me a while to get used to but seriously for a missionary who hasn't gone through the MTC yet, Sister Putoa is killing it! She is doing such a great job and is just so happy to be out on a mission. The people of Louisiana are so lucky to have her. So it's been a week or so that she's with us and we got through the awkward situation getting used to things and being in a threesome. I love my companions we just work so well together and have so much fun in the work as well. 

So it's been a week after the beautiful conference that we had and there is no perfect time to apply all the words that touched our hearts. And this week I've had some very humbling learning experiences that's helping me become more of the person, servant and daughter that Heavenly Father is expecting of me. One talk that I really loved was the last from Elder Holland and if you haven't read/watched it yet then I encourage you all to read it -

So one of my humbling learning experiences was when my companion and I had to do training during our leadership meeting with the mission President. Well I felt my companion and I did a really good job and at the end the president asked us unexpectedly to do a role play of what we just taught. I kept it cool during the training but I freaked out during the role play and at the end president was like ''sisters, that was horrible!" and he told us everything we did wrong and didn't do right in front everybody, haha and I just stood there smiling and nodding and writing notes on what he told us that we all missionaries should strive for. Yeah I'm sure I could've cried but I took this more like a learning positive experience and I know that President just loves me to tell me what I can do to be better. One thing I learned since in the MTC is that sometimes you have to crash and burn to learn how to fly. 

So this week my companions and I had a beautiful experience with our investigators- RONALD, ANAVAI, JULIETTE AND HELENE GOT BAPTISED! I don't have too much time to tell yall their story (next time!) but I'm sure the picture below sums up how beautiful this day was for them.

Sister Arielle Bamba
Tahiti Papeete Mission

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