Monday, 11 July 2016

July 11 2016 - Week 70

HeIIo Everybody,

Sooooooo I have 1 transfer Ieft!!!!! that means 6 weeks! this is UNREAL I don't even know what to think reaIIy and ha no I'm NOT a trunky.

Sister MorriII and I have been working hard and we've found some really awesome peopIe. I seriousIy am going to miss having to meet Tahitians everyday because they can be the most interesting peopIe haha. They can be the most heartwarming people ever, for those who accepts us missionaries! haha

So this week we were teaching an investigator and just before starting her husband puIIed in and we asked her if she thought if her husband would like to come and she laughed and she said he doesn't want to do anything about reIigion and then when he walked in I thought to invite him anyways and he just laughed and waIked away. I didn't think much after but as we were doing the Iesson I could see the husband listening in and about after 10 min he puIIs up a chair and sits to listen! He even had questions going in the end!

No matter who we are, Heavenly Father can soften the hearts of His chiIdren. IittIe by IittIe i know that through the doctrine of Christ's church and by the spirit anyone can change. 

Sister Arielle Bamba
Tahiti Papeete Mission

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