Monday, 11 July 2016

May 16 2016 - Week 62

Hello everybody 
It's been so long I know. It's funny because Pdays are supposed to be our day off but it seems to be if not the most stressful day of the week because there's so many things you want to get done this day. And on top of that in the last month or two we started practicing for the missionary concerts again for this year which took up already half or Pday. But who's complaining because we had our first concert last night and it was the bomb. The whole chapel was packed even all the way until the stage on the other side of the cultural hall. Oh how strong was the spirit. Tahitians love music and the message that was brought through the songs about the light of Christ was so powerful.  So because where the concert was held was at the chapel of my first area I got to see lots of familiar faces that I love so much. Traditions are so loving smiley and friendly people that I felt so welcomed back in Heiri. I even got to see some of my converts which made me so happy that they're still strong in the church magnifying their callings. One of them will be going to the temple next month for his endowment! The church is so true! 
Sister Bamba moment:
So we had leadership meeting with our mission president and other zone leaders and STL's and because the meeting was at president's house in Papeete (medical access is really limited here) , we wanted to take advantage by going to the doctors for my companion (she has a really bad herniated disc!) And for another sister with back problems so we went before the reunion but that got us an hour late!  So when my companion and I opened the door to walk in  presidents house  discreetly we totally interrupted a spiritual  and important discussion given by a member of the 70! Oh no..... But I still enjoyed the reunion. One thing that stuck to me was something Sr Bize the mission presidents wife shared with us and it was a story about an experiment done with frogs where each one of them were separately put into jars with the lid covered. They had all the necessities to live and as frogs they jumped and jumped and jumped each time hitting their heads on the lid each time. After about a month the lids were taken off so the frogs were no longer limited but were jumping no higher than where the lid was kept and none of them tried to jump out of their jars. The frogs in fact believed that they couldn't jump any higher than what they were used to. But in reality our capacities are limitless. Anything and everything is possible with the hands of the Lord. He has given us possibilities,  talents and his power to accompany us. There should be nothing holding us back. In fact Sr Bize gave her training about fears and she compared this story about facing our fears and reaching our capacities as missionaries but we can apply it to many things. So jump higher than you ever had. The lid is off. It's just in your head. Reach for the stars.

I love y'all
Sister Arielle Bamba                                                                                                                                 Tahiti Papeete Mission

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