Monday, 15 August 2016

August 15 2016 - Week 75

Iaorana tatou!

Its so hard to beleive that this week i will be stepping back onto canadian grounds and that i'll be seeing my family again!! 

So because I've only been in my new area for 2 weeks I'm still getting to know people and they often ask me how long I've been on my mission and i don't know how many times I've been reminded that it's almost the end. Honestly i haven't been thinking about the post mission life not nearly close to as much as i should be, and i think I'm going to regret it but i cant help but taking in every minute that i have left with my badge on and being her in Tahiti.

So I love my companion Sister Regnier who is my first French companion and has to be my favourite. I feel so lost in the work with her and is such a great example to me too bad i only had this past week to work with her because my first week with her she had the dengue fever - poor thing! So just when i first arrived in the area i found myself alone working with young adults just trying to get to know the area but it all turned out really well and it shows that the Lord really sent me here for a reason because 

1. I already served in the stake/community so i already knew some members and the area pretty well

2. The young adults who i did splits with was someone i already know when i was in Pirae last December! She lived just down the street where we lived and then i went to her baptism and i had no idea i would see her again in Oremu let alone work with her as she prepares to go on a mission! 
Also the second person i did splits with was former Sr Tehiva my old companion when i was in Pirae who just got home from her mission and is now known as Aurelia! 
Its way cool because i go to the same chapel as to where i went in my first area in Heiri so i see the same old  faces and its so nice to see them again! It brings back memories and gives me a chance to say bye to them
Also in Oremu, there's family of people from Ahe, (the island where i served earlier this year) and this week the branch president and his family and other members had to fly in and are staying in Oremu and the Lord made it possible that we would see each other again before i leave! love it 

Heavenly Father just knew it had to be me to serve in Oremu for the last few weeks on my mission. I feel so blessed! I literally get to see people from all my old areas. 
So two weeks ago i had an interview with President Bize and one thing he told me that i will never forget is that: 
"remember that you're being sent to Oremu not for what you aren't but for who you are, and you are exactly what i need there so don't change who you are"
Being in Oremu has been way cool, so you have to know that Oremu is set on a mountain and that its a steep slope. So I've been spoiled and put in a car to drive all my mission and for the last 2 weeks i get to really suffer on foot and i couldn't be any happier! lol It was hard to get used to but there's something about walking uphill under the hot blazing sun and doing missionary work that makes me feel so happy.
I really do love this area. I've met so many amazing investigators and members and too bad i only get to stay for such a little time.
We had a counselor from the stake presidency take a day off from work to just come work with us, and the minute our bishop gets off work, he comes to lessons and reunions with us and drives us where we need to go.  

So were teaching an investigator Angy and he is so engaged into changing and having his family sealed that we moved his baptism up one week to this Saturday! 

We also have an investigator Pierre who the minute he heard about the word of wisdom and the law of chastity let all of it go and instantly got married, and because he wanted his wife to follow him he brought her t church and we thought that she really enjoyed it but apparently on their way home she told him that she would never join the church and they got into an argument and Pierre really felt discouraged and lost to a point where he was going to let go of everything and stop the lessons and not get baptized anymore. But something happened, he told us that somehow he felt something pushing him, like a force of some sort, come to his lesson we had fixed that afternoon and he came with tears falling from his face. When he saw him he shared his experience and told us ever so firmly that he wasn't going to let go, that he was going to persevere all the way.
Another miracle that we had this week was with an investigator who's been taking the lessons for 6 years! So Simon is 18 and wasn't able to get baptized earlier because of his parents. They would throw all his scriptures and his personal items out the door and told him he would be kicked out as well if he got baptized. He was supposed to get baptized last December but didn't and since then he stopped the missionary discussions. Well last Sunday we started talking to him again and started seeing him regularly this week and because he is no longer a minor we fixed his baptism date and he is now ready and engaged to get baptized!
I am so grateful for the experiences that I've had here on my mission and for the people that i've met and for the little miracles and great blessings that Heavenly Father has sent be and for all that i've witnessed here in the French Polynesia
I have such a sure testilony of His gospel and i am so proud to have worn this badge for the last 18 months.
I can really really say that these were the best 18 months of my life.

ps: i'l still looking for companions(people to be with) when i get back! The fact on being alone sounds so lonely to me

ps2: let me know if any of you have any fun stuff going on next week to keep me busy lol

See you all soon :)
Sister Arielle Bamba
Tahiti Papeete Mission

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